Matric of the Year Competition: University of the Orange Free State

BY Ziva Isaacs

Wow! What a superb weekend. The 14 finalists and their parents booked into the Protea Hotel in Bloemfontein Friday morning. The competition started off with the introduction of the judges and ice breaker. The finalists had individual interviews with the judges throughout the weekend and this is where you were evaluated. Friday night , the finalists and the parents were invited to a cocktail evening at the Naval Hill Planetarium. Back at the hotel, the finalists were put into groups and our first group evaluation began! We had to make sushi! ( My group, the rainbow chefs, inspired by our Rainbow Nation, made the best sushi). Our parents had the opportunity to visit the Volksblad, a well known newspaper in Bloem while we were busy with the group work. After our group work we then also visited the Volksblad where we were taught how exactly a newspaper is made - not just the articles but also about the printing company and their machines. ( The next day, the finalists featured on the front cover of the Volksblad - so we treasured that newspaper because we realized how much work goes into it)


Saturday: Again, we had individual interviews but this time with a smaller group of judges. The parents went on a tour around the city and they became familiarized with the city we will call home for the next few years. The evening we had the gala/ dinner and we had to dress in our matric farewell dress/ suites. Here was where the winner was announced and prizes were given away. Johan Brits, one of the boys, won the competition. 


To and from every venue, the parents and finalist were transported by bus and guided by chaperones. Everywhere we went there was a professional photographer from the Volksbla photographing us, which was rather nice.  It was so nice meeting new people and getting to know one another so well even though we only spent 2 days together. Luckily, next year at the the University of Free State, we all will reunite as we pursue our careers in the respective fields.


The top 14 finalists all received : R10 000 from Kovsie Alumni Trust,ABSA,KPMG. A Rectors Bursary worth R7500 from the University of Free State. PNP sponsored us with a Russell Hobbs microwave and a Pineware Electric Iron for Hostel life. Volksblad sponsored us with a Digital Photo Frame. SO they make everyone feel like a winner! 


Thank you to Mrs Woods for allowing me to enter the competition and Mrs Myburg for introducing it to me! 


 October 08, 2015
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Ziva Isaacs

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