A Monday in the life of a Riebeek Girl

BY Yonela Mali, Lisakhanya Duruwe, Natheera Sirkhotte

No matter the day of the week, Riebeek is always a hub of activity. Even on a Monday everyone is excited to get involved.

The media committee went on an investigative journalism excursion finding out what everyone was up to on this beautiful day.

We met up with Khanya Jantjies, who was on her way to tennis. Khanya has been doing tennis for a year and really enjoys it.

 Walking through the corridors, the beautiful sound of Simbulele Gosani playing the piano could be heard. When Simbulele plays she feels as though she is in another world, all her frustrations melt away. To Simbulele that is what happiness feels like.

We also visited the library. A few of the librarians were covering books, Emihle Prince being one of them. Helping in the library helps these ladies learn a few skills. Emihle loves the peace and quiet in the library.

Waiting outside the pool for swimming to start Karena du Plessis was relaxing in the sun. Karena has been swimming since grade 4 and is now in grade 6. She loves swimming with Mrs Stear. Evin Muller said the one thing she loves about swimming is the water.

We also met up with Cleo Eksteen and Aarifah Liberty, whom were busy watering some plants. They volunteered to be part of the Going Green project. Amy Schambril loves the Going Green project because she gets to clean the school. She also learns a whole lot more about nature. Lwazi Solomon likes taking care of nature and spends time with friends whilst doing so.

 October 27, 2014
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