results of the inter-house Talent Show

BY Wade-Lee Muller

Asekho Daniels-Eleanor : Shining Star award
Michaela Biggar and Malaika Biggar-Elizabeth:  Outstanding coordination award
Danielle Minnies-Elizabeth: Outstanding catwalk award
Oyama Bokwe-Elton: Star singer & Outstanding screen presence award
Celine Dinie-Elton: Most creative and unique award
Siyamthanda Mbanga-Elizabeth: Outstanding skills award
Anelisa Mhletwya-Elton: All rounder musician award
Kay Van Niekerk-Elizabeth: Outstanding catwalk award
Buhle-Besizwe Jam-Elton: Star singer award
Avery Kayster-Eleanor: Star singer and best presentation award
Ballerina Skippers-Elizabeth: Star singer & Outstanding screen presence award
Nobuhle Moyo and Tadiwa Moyo-Elizabeth: Best production & Most entertaining award
Lihle Thabatha-Elton: Star singer award
Basikelele Sakata-Elizabeth: Excellent musical instrument award
Chante Potgieter-Eleanor: Best theatrics award
Elizabeth House: Overall House winner of the inter-house talent show with exceptional entries

 August 01, 2021
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