Being a Team Swimmer

BY Valentina Longaria

What makes a team swimmer? Is it someone who can naturally swim fast and was born with a strong stroke, could it be someone who swims relays and breaks themselves to beat their record? No, that’s not what makes a team swimmer. A team swimmer is someone who thrives in the water; it’s someone who loves the feeling of breaking the surface of the water with a dive, it’s someone who strives to improve themselves through hard work and doing their best. A team swimmer is not born, but works their hardest to improve.

Team swimmers can be a bit competitive, Mateenah Langford 10C, “We constantly have Mr Reynolds reminding us that it’s not a race, it’s just a warm up.” Team swimmers enjoy racing because it gives them a sense of whether or not they are improving and the loss of a race naturally makes them want to work harder for the next one.

The reason why I personally love being a team swimmer is the training, the activities Mr Reynolds sets out for us is all about improving your technique and lung capacity, these activities are tiring, but very fun and keep us all fit.
 Team swimmers don’t just pop out of thin air. It takes hard work and dedication to improve and I can tell you now that the hard work and dedication truly does pay off. Yes you do need to be able to swim to be a team swimmer, but you also need to have the correct mind-set, by that I mean you need to be dedicated and work hard in order to improve.

 March 14, 2016
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Valentina Longaria

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