matric farewell 2018 review


The Matric Farewell was attended by 88 beautiful young Riebeek ladies and their handsome partners along with Mrs Stear, the matric staff, Mr and Mrs Madlavu and Mrs Bisett. 
The theme for the evening was Forever Tonight and was brought to life by the wooden tables, vintage lanterns and table décor. The ladies showcased various fashions choices such as colour and style, with Shannon Butler and Aton de Vos, two best friends, highlighting their favourite dusty gold. A note must be made about the matriculants ability to dominate the dance; these fun-loving young ladies managed to convert the ChaCha slide into the Riebeek slide. 
The event began with a welcoming and a toast by Mrs Stear followed by the head girl; Sinovuyo Madlavu’s speech. Sinovuyo’s speech followed the idea that all the young matriculants are in their own way a Cinderella story and maintained the theme of Ubuntu. The deputy head girl; Omhle Bisett said grace and the ladies enjoyed a very delicious three course meal. The prefects were then asked to open the dance floor with a graceful Viennese Waltz and the evening continued with laughter, music and open conversation until it was time for the stunning ladies and their partners to leave. 
The Dance committee outdid themselves with the preparation and execution of this successful event and are thanked along with all that helped them in arranging the event for their time, effort and creativity. 
Many thanks go to the outstanding photographers Mr Weideman and Mrs Gerber and Mr Malcolm Bean for the DVD of this auspicious occasion. Areef de Long – the DJ of Prime Music Productions is thanked for his time and talent to provide the girls with a night of music they will never forget. The Corsages were donated by Maria of Jays Florist. The Riebeek ladies heartily thank all the teachers that took time away from their busy schedules in providing the girls with the incredible evening –and the dance committee teachers - Mrs Bean, Mrs Stroebel, Mrs Kruger and Mrs Stear for allowing the girls to enjoy one of the greatest milestones of high school life. A silver bracelet with a heart pendant was given to each matric.

 March 29, 2018
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