Reach for the stars


Evolutio’s Reach for the Stars, held on 3rd February was a tremendous success. The event was held in  Riebeek’s student centre and showcased various forms of art.
Evolutio is a small committee dedicated to art and literature. The purpose of Reach for the Stars was to highlight the values of Evolutio and to allow people to showcase their talents and for others to feel inspired by them. The acts consisted of poets, dancers, artists and actors who all performed their utmost best.
The audience was as courteous as all Riebeek ladies are. During the acts they watched, delighted and inspired by what the performers showcased. Sinovuyo Madlavu said “it was an amazing event.”
The event was planned by the Evolutio Committee and headed by Valentina Longari. A big thank you to all the evolutio committee who worked together and contributed to making the event a reality. Thank you to Mrs Peltason for all of her support and wise words during the planning of the event.

 February 06, 2017
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