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From Marilyn, with love quotes by Juniors
Grade 4
“I love that everyone was working so hard and that we were successful on the two nights. I believe that every single one of us can heal the world, like not making the world dirty with litter. I will never forget the song I feel better when I am dancing and the first time I performed on the Riebeek College stage.” Ashleigh Sharnick
“I thought the concert was exciting! Every single Grade 4 practised so hard for Mrs Woods’ farewell. It was such a fun concert. Everyone joined in with laughter and their imagination, making the play come to life. Most importantly, everyone had fun!” Rebecca Wilkinson
“What I liked about the concert is when Meghan had to touch our hands and we had to scream. I also liked when we had to come down the aisle for the finale.” Khazimla Nkombisa
“The part I liked was when Okuhle came in and danced, even when the music stopped! Rebecca was a star! I loved her performance. I enjoyed my own part so much.” Olona James
“The best is that we had fun, all of us. I won’t forget that memory! We sang, danced and acted. It was fun!” Luthandolwethu Talamba
“I liked the way everyone danced. Rebecca did so well in her performance. I really had a fun time!” Nakeixha Hendricks
“What I loved about the play is that we had fun. I learnt that you should not think about what other say or think about you. I was nervous and excited for the concert!” Chane van Jaarsveld
“When the music stopped I learnt that we should carry on, even if there is no sound.” Celine Dinie
“I learnt about being brave. You should never stop believing in yourself. Love should be celebrated amongst others. Let your imagination lead you to an incredible place.” Poshika Ramsamy
“I learnt from the play, that you will always feel better when you are dancing. The words from Meghan Trainor’s lips are true! Have you ever realized when you might have had a bad day at school and come home, that you should dance? Well, this is what really hit me when I listened to the song… I thought way back in my tiny little brain and all the memories I have, have music or dance in them in some or other way. I am taking my love for the arts in a whole different direction. I will be starting dance lessons.” Gabriella Hardman
“I will never forget about the dance. It was something I had never done before. It was the best! Thank you Mrs VIljoen, I will never forget about it!” Inathi Befile
“The best thing about the play was that I was with all my friends! Everyone was smiling and there was so much laughter and joy on stage. We all had loads of fun! We might not know it, but we learnt more by having fun. All of us were nervous, but our play went so well! I really enjoy being at Riebeek. Us Grade 4s are really lucky to be in such a wonderful school where we can learn and have fun. So, dance, because you will always feel better when you are dancing!” Lana Peters
“It was the greatest play ever and I will never forget it!” Nyssa Kettledas
“In the concert I liked that I was a dancer. I also liked the theme or our concert and it was like performing at a real concert. I learnt that if you believe in yourself, you can achieve what you always wanted.” Linathi Nkomo
“I loved Okuhle’s dance in the play, it had the vibe! It is a day that I will never forget.” Qhayiya Kilani
“The best thing that happened to me with the play was on Tuesday night, when during the play the music somehow stopped. But, we learned that ‘the show must go on!’ So, we sang and danced on! Everyone was so proud of us. Our teachers and my grandfather said that it was amazing! The night was so incredible and was the best ever.” Tazmia Savahl
“At the concert when the music stopped, we kept dancing. All of us had fun on the stage!” Chandre Klue
“I enjoyed the play, it was really fun. When we were dancing, the music stopped. I was shocked, but we continued singing and it went well.” Lithemba Ngqamfana
“My favourite part of the concert was when the music stopped and we carried on singing. I loved when the audience clapped for us.” Linokuhle Mlengenya-Blow
“The best thing about the play was the teachers! We had a lot of fun!” Piper Potgieter
“We laughed and had so much fun at the concert!” Allyson Cunningham
“The best thing that happened was when we got our video taken last night! I learnt that even when the music stops, you should carry on.” Done September
“The play was fun and amazing. I was so nervous!” Siyolisa Dastile
“I was so nervous, but when we danced I felt better! I felt happy, so you really do feel better when you are dancing! I wish I could do it some more nights.” Emily Claasen
“My favourite part of the concert is when everyone stood up and danced altogether.” Apehelele Jack
“When we were practising our concert for the parents, it was so much fun! I will never forget it. We even got to use makeup!” Carys Bhange
“The teachers’ play was very funny. The part where Mr Jonas and Mrs Woods were dancing was the best!” Justine Clarke
“I will never forget our song because it will always remind me of Grade 4 and our wonderful teacher, Mrs Viljoen. The song was amazing and whenever I hear it, I remember those 2 nights of the concert.” Savuzwa Humata
“We wore the amazing #TEK t-shirts for the finale.” Emihle Gana
“The concert was awesome. The best part of it was Mr Jonas and Mrs Woods dancing. Everybody was laughing!” Logan Gibson
“I love the way that Mrs Woods can put together a well-organized concert.” Tatum Gray
“I loved the way that Mrs Woods was like a Queen Bee and helped everyone to put together an amazing show.” Teshnika Lewis
“I loved the part where the teachers danced! Even my stepdad said that Mrs Woods can dance!” Angela Miles
“I loved wearing all the #TEK t-shirts. Everyone looked very smart in the finale.” Kamvalwethu Qupe
“Mrs Woods showed that she really cares about each girl because she put in so much effort and the show was a huge success.” Simxabisile Tayi
“I smiled from ear to ear! I had so much fun and our play was awesome. Rebecca did an amazing job as Meghan Trainor and was so alive. The staff’s dance was on fire! Grade 5, 6 and 7 were absolutely amazing.” Buhlebenkosi April
Grade 6
“The teachers were running around preparing for the show and wanted everything to be perfect. The best was that they danced, too! They were so creative. We have the best teachers ever.” Sitole Alexandra
“The teachers’ performances were very funny. I loved when they all danced together.” Khanya Peter
“Our teachers pushed us to be the best that we could possibly be. Mrs Woods and all the teachers helped us with every step we took.” Ahlume Nxele
“Our play was amazing! I enjoyed it because it was so fun and fascinating. It was the most amazing thing which I have done in my entire life.” Lihle Thabatha
“The night of the play was the most beautiful and magical performance I have ever experienced. I was so happy when the crowd was cheering and laughing! We all worked really hard and in the end, it payed off.” Nikhita Kasmed
“It was amazing to see how excited the audience was. Thank you, Mrs Woods for this amazing opportunity.” Pholisa Madlavu
“Everyone was so excited putting on makeup and getting ready. We were nervous, but when we were performing, we reached every move which was awesome.” Kiara Keyser
“We could have not done this amazing show without Mrs Woods. It was a great experience and was magical.” C’enia Haarhoff
“The energetic concert which we had was all because of our loving Principal, Mrs Woods. It could never have happened without her. She is a very creative person. Thank you for the amazing concert, Mrs Woods.” Miacarla Tee
“Thank you Mrs Woods, we could not have done it without you. It was a fun, creative and amusing event. We are grateful for all that you have done.” Bilqees Vawda
“The play could not have happened without Mrs Woods. She really brought the play into action.” Megan Potgieter
“Mrs Woods worked really hard for the play. She put a great effort into the play. Thank you Mrs Woods for all the time that you spent with us. It was an amazing experience and we could not have done it without you.” Carly Erasmus
“Mrs Woods is so kind, intelligent, beautiful and awesome. She is the best dancer I have ever seen! I am sad that she is leaving us and I will really miss her. She is the best principal ever.” Siyanda Makalima
“Mrs Woods is a very delightful person to be around. The show would not have done so well without her. Mrs Woods is the best.” Pascalle Potgieter
“The rehearsals for the show created a strong bond between the students. The play was a great success and was very creative. Mrs Woods, you are a special and inspirational lady who puts others before herself and gave us something to look forward to.” Amahle Ntabeni
“The play was very exhilarating. I will always remember the excitement I felt on stage. The words ‘Grade 6 Play! Scene 1! Take 1! Action!’ will always be in my head!” Liqhawe Nxompula
“The junior school play was so much fun, even during the rehearsals!” Ingamihle Tyal
“The teachers were outstanding and hilarious. They impressed the school and audience. It was amazing to see them perform so well. They put on a mind blowing performance.” Racheal Akilo
“The teachers were very energetic and creative with their dance. They put in a lot of effort doing their dance and with the costumes.” Aluve Ndlovu
“It was the best experience of my life!” Monica Stokwe
“I think the Grade 6 play was hilarious and awesome. I thought that the teachers were the best.” Iviwe Majwela
“My most memorable moments were the Grade 6 dances, the staff dance and the Michael Jackson dance.” Azukiswe Jikeka
“The concert was a great experience and I learnt a lot.” Roshaan May
“What I liked about the show was the performance of Radio Ga Ga and the Michael Jackson number.” Asamkele Jantjies
“When I got on the stage, my heart was beating like a washing machine! I am so happy that all our hard work paid off.” Cheyanne Castelyn
“My favourite part of the concert was that I learnt dance moves. It was fun and nerve-wracking at the same time.” Avery-Leigh Kayster
“The show was amazing! I loved when we were dancing. My favourite part was Mr Jonas and Mrs Woods.” Lwando Hlulani
“I felt that with the play, the junior school had a chance to get to know each other better. Everyone was having fun. I really enjoyed the teachers’ number, especially when Mr Jonas and Mrs Woods danced.” Vuyolwethu Mxoli
“I enjoyed the concert, it was very fun. I enjoyed the teachers’ dance most. I was very nervous for our number, but it was amazing. Lots of selfies were taken!” Likhona Zonyane
“The concert was awesome, amazing and fun. My favourites were our play and the staff number. It was epic when we were all going wild with our dance moves.” Musa Dawetu
“My favourite part of the play is when my sister and I confused everybody! I learnt to not be scared when I am on the stage and I also learnt cool moves whilst watching other dances. I laughed so much when Mrs Woods and Mr Jonas were dancing!” Aphelele Kilane
“The play was very fun and I enjoyed every moment of it. My favourite part was when the Grade 6s and teachers performed. The play was amazing and I think that people are going to make the world a better place.” Kayla Minnaar
“The play was extremely fun and exciting. I had an awesome time on stage dancing and acting. I wish I could’ve held that moment forever.” Sarah McFarlane
“I really enjoyed the show. It made me feel like a very important celebrity, like my principal Mrs Woods. I gained confidence and lost my stage fright!” Neo Matsuso
“I really enjoyed the show and wanted it to last forever.” Nastassja Bezuidenhout
“I really enjoyed the show. I was not on stage as much, but I enjoyed helping out.” Lauren MacGorman
“The concert was an amazing experience! I loved that we got a chance to perform in front of everyone. I had so much fun.” Chrizney Butler
“I love dancing. I enjoyed dancing with my friends. I will remember the awesome teachers’ dance.” Avuyile Mbotya
“The concert was a great experience because I learnt how to control my stage fright. It was awesome and I loved every minute of it… especially the selfies.” Chwayita Hanabe
“I think the play was amazing and my family enjoyed it very much.” Khanyisa Butana
“The show was amazing. It was an awesome experience for all of us. I learnt that if we work together, we can accomplish anything. My favourite part was when the teachers danced.” Tenique Boswell
“The concert was amazing! Everyone worked together as a team and it was beautiful.” Sisipho Yose
“Both nights of the play were awesome. I got to bond with my class through singing and taking selfies. The most memorable moments were the staff’s dance and our play.” Zenande Daniels
“The show was amazing. We learnt so much like how to work together as a team, and much more. They were nights I will never forget.” Ammaarah Allie
“Both shows were nice and awesome. We would like to thank the staff and everyone who helped them. I think this was the best show ever. We will miss you, Mrs Woods. You are our cheerleader. The teachers were amazing on stage. Mrs Woods can dance even better than us!” Siphesihle Ngxenge
“The play was amazing! My Grandparnts loved the teachers’ dance. I got to spend time with my friends. I was scared, but when I started dancing, I forgot that I was scared.” Tinique Theron
“I think the play was very nice. The audience loved it. It was very exciting! I learnt that I should always co-operate because if I do, something good will come out of it. It was awesome dancing with my classmates.” Mbasalaz Bantom
“The play was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed watching out show. The learners had a lot of fun. It taught us that it is fun to work together as a team. We could not have done it without the teachers and Mrs Woods.” Kay-Leigh Wilmot
“The play was amazing! Everyone dressed up and danced. I think everyone enjoyed it. It taught us to heal the world and make the world a better place.” Lynn-Marie Nel
“I think that the play was amazing and fun. I enjoyed it when the teachers were dancing. I hope the parents enjoyed it like I did.” Yolanda Nyati
“The concert was a great experience. I loved it a lot. My most memorable moment was when Michael Jackson performed to ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, the Grade 4s, the Grade 6 play and the staff dance. I hope we have many more concerts, very soon. I learnt that I have to co-operate for things to be perfect.” Simomhle Moss

 June 23, 2016
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