Choir Camp

BY Siyamthanda Mbanga

On 5th April, Riebeek College's Senior Choir went on their annual choir camp at Sumcay. Although the camp mainly focused on singing and hard work, the girls had an amazing experience.
The camp included a quick yoga session in the morning. The purpose of the yoga session was to relax the girls' muscles and release any tension that they had within them. During the day, a team building activity was hosted by Mr Sherwin Nel and his wife. The girls had to work together in teams to complete a series of obstacles in a short amount of time. The team building activity was to help the girls understand that they always have to work together and that nobody should aim to outshine another individual.
Later in the night, the matrics hosted and judged the senior choir talent show held every year on the last night of the camp. The theme this year was Comedy and Oldies music (but not too old). The l winners of the talent show were Lisakhanya Mboya, Alexandra Sitole, Siyamamkela Makuluma, Mbasakazi Bantom, Hlumelo Ngxoweni and Mbalentle Ngqondi for their comedy special about a young man who has to find a job. Their group name was called the Barnabas le Roux and their performance was hilarious and very entertaining.
After the talent show, the girls sat around a big bonfire and sung their hearts out, while dancing and having great fun. Britney Ruiters said, "Seeing that this was my last senior camp, I tried to make it as memorable as I possibly could. I have made friends at camp that I've never even talked with at school and I have created a really strong bond with these people who I now consider as my friends. It was also memorable because of the 20 minute yoga session with Miss Meyers. Hearing the girls cry out in agony really made me happy because it felt good to know that I was not the only one that was unfit."
Thanks to the yoga session, the team building activity, the talent show and the bonfire, the matrics have all agreed that this year's camp, their last, was one to remember. 
The Choir members would like to thank Miss Mintoor, Mrs Mapoma, Miss Meyers and Mrs Gerber for their involvement.

 April 16, 2019
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Siyamthanda Mbanga

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