Headgirl Speech at Valedictory

BY Siviwe Tole

Valedictory speech 2016
Good morning to our parents, members of staff and ladies of Riebeek College. It is an honour to be part of this crazy, naughty and authentic group of extraordinary young ladies, the class of 2016.
Our journey began many, many, many years ago when we were the first grade 4 class after Mrs Woods became principal and it is an honour to be her last matric class. Grade 4 was a year filled with excitement as we finally got to the ‘big school’. This was proved when we always made sure that we came to school early just to be first in line so that we could carry the teachers’ bags. We wanted to stay in their good books.
Abongile Magidimesi’s enthusiasm to answer questions in class in Grade 5 could not go unnoticed. This led to Miss Arthur ignoring her and often would ask the class if there “is there anyone else with an answer, besides Abo?” Grade 5 was also a year to dream big according to Danelle Basson. She had the Jonas Brothers at her 11th birthday party but no one believed her and so she wrote a letter to Mrs Vermaak.
Grade 6 was next on our incredible journey. It was a year filled with mischief and we were determined to be #different. Carmynn was known as the “Boardwalk Bunker” after she bunked school to go to the Boardwalk only to her surprise Mrs Woods was there too. Babalwa, Thembakazi, Siphosihle and Abongile pulled a prank on Miss Inggs by putting Vicks under their eyes so they could cry. Their multi-tasking of trying to blink off the pain and trying to look normal didn’t work as they were shouted for trying to be blind. But the ultimate highlight of that year was Langelihle’s overseas trip to Grahamstown.
Grade 7 was the year everyone looked forward to. We were the seniors of the junior school. We tried out new things by even forming a Grade 7 choir which included serious practices during breaks. Anesipho won’t forget the time she was chewing bubblegum in Mr Jonas’ class. He said, “My girl, you chewing like a cow in my class. Go spit it out!”
Although Mr Jonas didn’t teach me in grade 7, I didn’t leave a good first impression in grade 8. I remember Asanda and I were singing our hearts out during break but not knowing that the junior school were still busy with their exams. I’ll never forget that day. I don’t want to explain the whole story but feelings were hurt and it was an emotional moment, as it was so public. #Humiliation! Ever since then I’ve always tried to stay in his good books.
Tamara had entered Mrs Ellies’s maths class in grade 9 with a closed JC. In the lesson Mrs Ellie had left to make a few photocopies and Tamara saw this as an opportunity to devour her JC. Just as she threw her empty JC packet into the bin, Mrs Ellie has returned and caught her red-handed. Since then Tamara has never been seen eating a JC.
Grade 10 and grade 11 was no joke. We had to choose subjects. We saw a little less of our register classes. We had to adapt a more serious approach to life, well not all the time. This was proven when in grade 11 we decided to hide from Mrs Stevens in Mathematics. Carmynn had whispered “guys, shes coming” and within a fraction of a second Sanelisiwe Zitho said: “guys... I think she’s coming”. We told her that what Carmynn had just said. She was in disbelief as she swore to us that she believed it was her inside voice.
Throughout this year, I was blessed with experiences that taught me life lessons. I would first like to thank God for the strength that He has given me to overcome many obstacles along the way.
I’m also grateful for the love and support that I receive from my parents. You’ve sacrificed a lot because all you ever wanted was the best for me. I want you to know I love you and probably my first pay cheque will be owned by you. However, nothing can compare to how much you mean to me.
To Sane, Tirrell and Shanice and many others who made an impact in my life, thank you for just being you. You guys encouraged me whenever I was at my lowest, to break boundaries and to always strive for excellence. This year we’ve cried together, laughed together, ate together and we were forever in trouble for mostly not being in class. I love you guys.
To the class of 2016, today we officially say farewell to our school career. To everyone going into the finance field, always remember that Maths ‘isn’t a pick a number show’ and “keep it simple”, as Mrs Stevens would say. Let us keep making Miss Pot proud by furthering our education next year.
To the Staff of Riebeek College, The influence of a teacher can never be erased. To Mrs Gunter, we are truly honored to be your “last matric class”. We as a group have come so far. Let us not forget the life lessons that we’ve learnt. We have created so many friendships and memories that I know will last a lifetime. Like I said at our matric farewell, Riebeek has laid a strong foundation for us and it’s up to us as to how we want to build our future. Let us go out in to the big world with our heads held high. “In life, the things that go wrong are often the very things that lead to other things going right”
As outgoing Headgirl of 2016, I feel privileged that I was chosen as Head of Riebeek College and I shall never forget the trust that was bestowed on me and the fulfilling of my duties was done with great commitment and all the dedication I could possibly master. This would not have been possible without my partner in crime, Martez. You are truly an awesome friend and throughout this year you were both my left and right hand. You’re special, never forget that. I’d also like to thank the Prefect Body of 2016 for your hard work and support. I’ll never forget that our Monday prefects’ meetings would not be complete without an ice breaker or something sweet to eat. To our lovely Mrs Boscombe, Mrs Nel, Mrs Frost and Mrs Barnard, thank you for making the office my second home. You have always helped us where you could.
To Mrs Woods and Mrs Snyman our mothers at school, thank you for your guidance and support throughout the year and always reminding us that your doors are open. Mrs Woods, we hope you rock your retirement and that your doors will still be open.
To Ambesa Daniels and the Prefect Body of 2017, I wish you all the best of luck for the upcoming year. I know that you will be great leaders of the school because each and every one of you has the potential. May you have a fantastic year filled with success, memories and laughter. I don’t expect you to strive to follow in our footsteps but instead “go where there is no path and leave a trail.”
I pass over the Head girl’s book to Ambesa Daniels.
Thank you.                                    

 October 23, 2016
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Siviwe Tole

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