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BY Sinovuyo Madlavu

The 2017 Leadership Seminar was held on Wednesday 2 August. This event was overseen by Mrs Gerber and lead by Sinovuyo Madlavu with the help of Jessica Schoeman (pictures), Sarah Werth (sound), Keziah Brandt (visuals) and Olwethu Dlutu (visuals).
The endearing theme of, “Taking a page from your pet’s diary”, had everyone’s curiosity peaked and was introduced by a video clip on lessons that can be learnt from a myriad of wildlife. With about 170 girls in attendance, it was clear that the theme had resonated deeply with our Riebeek animal-lovers and fearers alike.
Next were leadership lessons from the 2017 Matric class. First up, was Nicole Rhodes, who reminded us to never give up and that persistence is key. This was followed by Khanya Jantjies, who taught us the importance of listening more than we speak. Saajidah Hoffman passed down the lesson of always being brave and taking charge. Look for the best in everyone, was Sanelisiwe Jikeka’s lesson to us all. The last lesson of the first section was from Loren Campbell. She reminded us to always trust our unexplainable gut instincts, for they will never lead us astray.
Before the second section of leadership lessons, we watched two video clips; one from the Lion King which highlighted the many lessons that can be learnt from the movie. The second one was about the ant kingdom and how we can all thrive if we work as a team. These were followed by more matric presentations.
We learnt from Yonela Mapela that as a leader, it is important to get down and dirty with your team. Ambesa Daniels taught us that being able to ask for help is a true sign of strong leadership. Claire van Rensburg showed us that curiosity and innovation drive change and success. A great lesson in taking responsibility and accountability was passed on to us from Jessica Schoeman. Angelique Tee left us with the message that part of being a leader is tackling every task with enthusiasm and energy.
A game, a message from geese and one from penguins taught us that nothing is impossible if we work together and that true leadership is proved in action.
By the end of the afternoon, we were left having learnt so many invaluable lessons and with a greater understanding of how to be a leader and make a positive influence in our chosen committees. These animals which we saw as intellectually inferior have shown us how to be better leaders in our last years at school and beyond.
Special thanks must be made out to Mrs Gerber for her kind guidance and advice whenever it was needed; to Mrs Stark for handling the behind the scenes technicalities and to the Matrics, who took the time out of their busy schedules to prepare their speeches for this event. The 2017 Leadership Seminar could not have been such a success without all you.

 August 06, 2017
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Sinovuyo Madlavu

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