Welcome, Mr Seale

BY Romesa Muhammad

Mr Seale joined our staff this year as our new part time sport co-ordinator. He reports that Riebeek College is a lovely school and has a very friendly atmosphere. He enjoys coming to this school and being welcomed by teachers and learners alike.
Mr Seale attended St. Thomas High School and matriculated from Chris J. Botha Secondary School in Johannesburg. He studied at PE College then completed his Engineering course at VW Engineering School. After completing his studies, Mr Seale managed a sport shop. He has since then managed a couple of sport shops, done engineering work as an artisan and has coached sport coaching at many schools.
Although, he did not study anything sport-related, he has always been somehow involved with sports. He started playing hockey when he was seven years old. His love for sports developed because of growing up in a sport loving family. Sport has always been an “out” for Mr Seale as he said, “It made me a better person.” Mr Seale has represented Eastern Province Juniors, South African schools, Gauteng Seniors and South African Seniors for hockey.
He is not only a great sportsman but he also loves to make potjiekos and watch movies. He also enjoys running as well as coaching children. He loves to be able to “open doors” for children and their involvement in sports.
He would like his First Hockey Team, and all the other hockey teams he assists at Riebeek College, to do well and improve from last year. He wants these teams to have a positive outlook for this year. He said that he would love to see children progressing in sport at our school, especially in hockey and would like to see the school growing in sport. Mr Seale said, “I would love to build each and every child to develop a love for sports and to show them that sports can open doors for them at the end of the day."
Mr Seale coaches the First Hockey Team and assists with other hockey teams at Riebeek College. He also assists with other sports and says he will shortly begin to assist with chess too. Mr Seale spends his time at Riebeek by checking his emails and sending sponsorship letters in an effort to receive sponsorship for learners playing sport. He checks if the sporting equipment is sufficient and in good order. Lately, he has been trying to get the school equipped with a court for volleyball only.
When asked what the most rewarding part of his job was as a coach, he replied, “I love to watch children improve in the game and to see them gain discipline in sport. I love to see them growing to love playing sports and to see them prosper in the game itself.”
 Mr Seale says that to become a good sportswoman, you need to be hard-working and be willing to put in the time to practise because hard work always pays off. You also need to have a good attitude because your attitude determines your altitude. One thing that Mr Seale said that really touched me, because no other words could be truer, was “The sky is not the limit. The sky is just a view, you can reach much higher than that. So never ever limit yourself.” Mr Seale is an amazing person with great talent with a personality of gold ,and I have no doubt that his hockey teams will enjoy having him for a coach.


 January 26, 2019
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Romesa Muhammad

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