Being in Grade 4

BY Rebecca Wilkinson

A day in the life of a Grade 4 is really exciting, everybody lines up in the mornings to meet their teacher. My teacher’s name is Mrs.Viljoen and she is the best teacher ever!


I am enjoying Grade 4 a lot because we have many interesting subjects like Maths, English, Afrikaans, Social Science, Natural Science, Life Orientation, Life Skills writing, Computers and Library. My favourite subject is Natural Sciences because we act like scientists and grow plants.


When the bell rings for break time it is busy in the corridors. The girls are happy because the lesson is over and now they can eat their lunch. Some grade 4’s have to squish between the big senior girls because we are so tiny they can’t see us. I like break times because I get to play with my friends.


After school my extra murals are swimming, hockey and arts and crafts.  I enjoy swimming because Mrs. Stear teaches us how to do backstroke and diving.  Hockey is a lot of fun because Mrs. Woods teaches us how to dribble and play in matches. Arts and crafts with Mrs. Skeates has taught us how to make beautiful pictures.

 March 14, 2016
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Rebecca Wilkinson

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