Matric Celebration

BY Omhle Bissett

The theme “Childhood Dreams”  allowed the matrics to dress up as anything or anyone they wanted to be. Different childhood characters had come to life with matrics dressed up as Mickey Mouse, Kim Possible, Dora the Explorer, Harry Potter, Barbie, Po from Teletubbies, ballerinas and of course tooth fairies. The girls also took it to the next level by adding an element of danger with Lara Croft and Chucky coming to life. The girls’ aspirations had also been displayed through their costumes, with Miss Worlds, lawyers, police officers, freedom fighters, nurses, angels and a mom. Caitlyn Bagley as Barbie in a box was awesome. The jumping castle was the highlight of the day, solidifying the theme of “Childhood dreams”. The day was filled with surprises. The matrics were surprised by a video made by Mrs Gerber and the Media Club reflecting the past year at Riebee,k but that wasn’t the only surprise. The matric class surprised Mrs Gerber with a gift to show their gratitude for the hard work and effort she put in to making the day nostalgic and memorable for the matrics with the video. A memorable moment will definitely be when the matrics formed a circle and sang “Lean on me” and the Macarena and Cotton Eyed Joe dances. We would like to thank Mrs Stear for allowing us to have our trials warm up party and the jumping castle, Miss Meyers for the party packs that she and the Grade 8s organised, Mr Weidemann for the photographs taken and allowing his class to become our storage room and Mrs Gerber for  the help. Thank you to the Grade 4s to 7s for the Good Luck cards in our party packs!

 August 26, 2018
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Omhle Bissett

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