York hockey tour 2018

BY Octavia Johannes

If I were to describe York Hockey Tour 2018 in 1 word, I would definitely say amazing! The first hockey team, consisting of Lara Naidoo (C), Tammy Jafta (VC),  Sinovuyo Madlavu, Keziah Brandt, Octavia Johannes, Mateenah Langford, Anovuyo Singeni, Aphiwe Ngona, Shannon Blignaut, Chwayita Jonas, Ashlynne Arnolds, Brazil Kilian and Tarryn Barry, left to George on the morning of Wednesday 28 March. We were accompanied by Miss Potgieter, our coach and Miss Balie, our manager who joined is in George from Cape Town. 
On Wednesday night it was the annual Welcome Braai. Although the matric team players were really tired from the matric dance the previous evening, the excitement of being able to initiate the new team players reenergised us. This year, we had 4 “kids”: Ashlynne, Chwayita, Brazil and Tarryn. For the initiation, the seniors dressed up the kids in a variety of characters ranging from Michael Jackson to Santa Claus and had a tremendous load of fun with them at the braai the evening. 
Our Thursday started of very early, as we played the first girls’ astro turf match of the festival, against York. This was followed by 2 more games that day, against El Shaddai and Krugersdorp. The team was commended on their persevering spirit while playing through the rain during all their games that day. 
Part 2 of the initiation took place on Thursday evening. The kids had to spend the rest of their afternoon and night dressed in pyjamas, hair wrapped in headscarves and carrying baby dolls, amongst all the teams, while they watched the matches from the stands.
On Friday we played 2 games, against Bellville and York Invitational. Friday night is traditionally the team night out but because we played a night game, takeaways afterwards had to settle as majority of the places were closed.
Our final 2 matches were played on Saturday morning against Edgemead and Pinelands. Thereafter, we packed our bags, said our heartfelt goodbyes and headed for home. 
Not many of the games were in our favour during the festival, however we’ve managed to achieve a win and a draw. Over the course of the tour we’ve really grown in unity as a team. Countless memories were made, friendships build and old ones strengthened. Special mention must be made of the defenders: Octavia Johannes, Keziah Brandt, Tammy Jafta and Tarryn Barry for their solid defensive efforts throughout the festival. Last but not least to a very special defender, Sinovuyo Madlavu, for staying strong and persisting through every match inspite of her hand injury and for keeping the defensive line together. To Shannon Blignaunt, our Queen Goalie, for her remarkable saves, also, to our goal scorers, Lara Naidoo, Mateenah Langford and Anovuyo Singeni. 
Most of all, thank you to Miss Potgieter and Miss Balie for taking the time out their holidays to accompany, coach and look after us all week. Special mention must be made to our coach, Miss Pot, for teaching us throughout tour what good sportsmanship is all about. 

 April 11, 2018
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