Senior Hockey Tour

BY Natheera Sirkhotte

The First Team Tour is a time to bond and create new memories and inside jokes as a team. This year we were fortunate enough to get to spend all most a week together. There were good times, funny times and even tough times.

Day 1

Today we travelled to Oudtshoorn. The first leg of our journey was energetic and filled with singing. After stopping at storms river, the girls were exhausted and decided to nap. The highlight of our drive was driving past the Jnr First team on their way home.


 At the lodge we had to push the trailer into the yard, by ourselves. The lodge has a wonderful pool, where the girls could cool down after our long day. We are braaing tonight. Thank you Miss Potgieter for being our chef.


Day 2

Today we went to the Cango Wildlife Ranch.  It was not only fun but educational too. We saw many animals, including a swimming otter and some of us learnt what a serval is. A few of us decided to go for encounters with the animals.


After lunch we visited the Cango Caves. Our guide, having heard Riebeek girls can sing, asked us to sing in the largest chamber of the cave. We were very grateful to the explorers who made it possible for us to experience the caves so easily.


We then went to Wilgewandel. We could zip-line, paddle boat and jump on the trampoline.


Miss Potgieter, our personal chef, prepared mac and cheese for supper. Thank you for being our Mom away from home.


Day 3

Today we were spoiled with a breakfast at spur. These girls sure do have a massive appetite.


On our way out of Oudtshoorn, we visited an ostrich farm. We didn't actually go to any ostriches, but we played with baby giraffes. Their names were Sheila and Shorty.


We initiated the "kids" of the team. We dressed them up. The girls had to make up a song and then had to sing it to everyone we asked them to sing to.


Just before the initiation started we heard of Mr Hoare's passing. We prayed for him as a team and shed a few tears. Mr Hoare is loved by all of us and will be dearly missed.


Our captain for the festival is Shanice Pietersen and vice is Siviwe Tole.


Day 4

Today we put fun and games aside to play hockey.  Our day started with an 8:25 match against El Shaddai, which we lost. Our next match was at 10:30 against Outeniqua, our spirits were lifted. Even though we played a beautiful game, we lost 1-0. Our last match was a 8:55 against Kalahari, we won 5-0. Playing under the lights on the astro was an experience not to be forgotten. The crowd was cheering us on.


The team "kids" had to dress up in their gowns, and pyjamas to watch a few matches. The carried dolls and had to cheer for an empty field.


Thank you to Mrs Shelver and her family for stopping by and watching one of our matches. We really appreciate having support from home.


Day 5 and 6.

The past two days have been extremely tough. Our bodies are aching after 7 matches this weekend. Even if we didn't win many of our matches, we played our hearts out and put our physical pain aside.


A massive thank you to Miss Potgieter for giving up the first few days of her holiday to accompany us. We are truly grateful. We know we can be very loud at times, but we will always be here to put a smile on Miss Potgieter's face.


We would like to thank Mrs Woods from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity of going on tour. We are so grateful to have an amazing principal who is willing to give so much of herself to her school. Our tour would not have been possible without Mrs Woods. 

 April 12, 2016
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Natheera Sirkhotte

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