First Team Trip To Graaff-Reinet

BY Natheera Sirkhotte  

On Wednesday, 15 June, the first team went to Graaff-Reinet to play a match against Volkskool. This felt like a mini tour, because Graaff-Reinet is quite far away. We were lucky enough to be joined by Michaela Balie and Lindsay McFarlane, our Captain and Vice Captain from last year. We loved having supporters from across the country. The long journey gave us the opportunity to reminisce on the season thus far, as well as last year's season. We remembered our favourite moments both on and off the field. We made sure that we had enough snacks for the trip. Each of us was asked to bring something to eat.
We were privileged to play on Union High’s astro turf. We have not played a match on astro since tour and we were all itching to get on the turf. We are used to playing on grass, but we did not let that disadvantage us. We narrowly lost 3 – 2 . Our goal scorers are Shanice Pietersen and Lara Naidoo. We played our hearts out and put up a good fight, an effort we can be proud of.
We are truly grateful for Miss Potgieter, who is always there for us whether it is on the field or not. Thank you for taking the time to drive us to Graaff-Reinet for our match. Thank you to Lindsay and Michaela for supporting us.

 June 20, 2016
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