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BY Ms O. Mxoli

Poetry competition results Junior winners: 3rd Place Ra-eesa Abrahams, 2nd Place Nerisha Ramsamy and 1st place Iman Liberty. Intermediate winners: 3rd Place Bilqees Vawda, 2nd place Poshika Ramsamy and 1st Place Candice Rossouw
Senior winners: 3rd Place Entle Matyumza, 2nd Place Romesa Muhammad and 1st Place Liyabona Mgushelo.

Family Features (Junior Winner)
by Iman Liberty
My family is nice.
We like to eat curry and rice.
The girls dress up
The men drink coffee from mugs
and we all give very big hugs!
We are smart
and speak from the heart.
There are ladies
and there are babies with rattles
that make a lovely sound.
I have a cat
that doesn’t like my hat
because there is a dog on it!
My family is always sunny
and I want a bunny!
Alone (Junior runner up)
by Nerisha Ramsamy
I see the beach.
I hear the waves.
I smell the salty water that is full of grainy sand
as it flows through my bare hands.
I sit on the beach
with nobody in sight
and I enjoy the sunlight.
I see a strand of seaweed
as I wander my way into the bay.
I see the sun sink into the sky
and I drift away
with still no one in sight.
Death (Junior 2nd runner up)
by Raeesa Abrahams
The death of a loved one
is an unfortunate knock
at your door.
A knock that no one expects
that no one wants.
But death is a life lesson
meant to be experienced by everyone
and it will change
your whole world.
Abuse (Intermediate winner)
by Candice Rossouw
Tears stain her face
adding salt to her wounds.
She stares at her reflection.
The rainbow of bruises
spread out;
a butterfly effect of pain and sorrow.
She regrets the chances she missed
as she watches her life flash by
“what if?”
Her wounds run deeper than the Nile
and inside she is filled with emptiness.
But she is a phoenix
and from the ashes she will rise.
To the boys (Intermediate 2nd runner up)
by Bilqees Vawda
I sit on the floor of the cricket field
and listen to the sound
of the boys shouting.
The wind blows and my pages fly
as I write to the boys of the field.
As I write
I hear them cheer in delight
when one hits a four
but also, there, a faint echo of defeat
as one gives up his bat.
The last run bids us all farewell.
The game is done.
And I say goodbye to the boys of the field.
A rose in a field of daisies (Intermediate runner up)
by Poshika Ramsamy
They can’t keep their eyes off me.
They stare at me as if saying
“Look at her!”
I hate it when they stare.
I feel like an alien
walking in the shops.
When they stare, my heart cracks
and my legs stop.
My whole body freezes
and I wish I could sink
and be swallowed by the earth
beneath my feet.
I don’t (Senior winner)
by Liyabona Mgushelo
Hollow bones and lonely skins
blood pounds and throbs
rushing through my veins.
My hearts beasts stronger, harder
as I feed myself with lingering thoughts of you.
I could have other hands, but I don’t.
I could hold other hearts, but I don’t.
I could love other bodies, but I don’t.
You could haunt other minds, but you don’t.
I tug at the trails of swollen memories
and I recall the countless ways you broke me.
I could mend my heart and move on
but I don’t.
Behind closed doors (Senior runner up)
by Romesa Muhhamad
Smile and laugh here
and wave there.
Don’t drop the cheerful mask
or it might break the façade.
She hopes no one sees
the bruises on her neck
hidden beneath make-up
or the jagged, angry lines
covered with hair ties and a watch.
No or needs to know
that her father, her blood
does what he does
every day and every night.
He shouts and taunts
and then shoves and hurts.
He evokes her broken past
just to watch her fall apart.
She smiles trying to keep the tears at bay
because no one need to know
what happens behind closed doors.
Maybe love is not meant for me (Senior 2nd runner up)
by Entle Matyumza
Maybe I should take my love
and put it between my thighs
or in my pocket
and keep it there
until another comes and claims
to love me
Crying is becoming an everyday thing
my pillow is soaked
in salt water.
My mind is confusion.
Maybe I should just quit love
because it is clear
that it is not meant for me.
The attachment, the deep attachment
always breaks
my heart.
Maybe I should take my love
and put it between my thighs
or in my pocket
and keep it there
until another comes and claims
to love me

 April 23, 2019
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