Inter-house debating review

BY Mrs T. Gunter


  • 11 August—Elizabeth vs Eleanor

Topic: This house believes that single sex schools are better for education.

Points: Elizabeth 202, Eleanor 195—Elizabeth is the debate winner, with Sinoxolo Sango awarded Best Speaker

**This debate was headed by the junior girls. For many of them, this was their 1st formal debate and they showed great promise for future league debating. 
Elizabeth house had the strongest arguments in favour of the motion—now we can all know with confidence that single sex schools are better for education.

Sinoxolo Sango of Elizabeth was awarded Best Speaker


  • 12 August—Elton vs Eleanor

Topic:  This house believes that all school children should be provided with tablets for educational uses.

Points:  Eleanor 220, Elton 215—Eleanor is the debate winner, with Carla Ferriera awarded Best Speaker

**This was a debate for the books!!! The girls were passionate in their arguments and provided us all with an entertaining and thought-provoking debate.  Eleanor’s logic won out and convinced us that we don’t need tablets in place of textbooks.

Carla Ferriera of Eleanor was awarded Best Speaker


  • 13 August—Elizabeth vs Elton

Topic:  This house believes that university education should be free.

Points: Elizabeth 203, Elton 206—Eltons is the debate winner, with Yolanda Mni awarded Best Speaker

**A fiery debate between our senior league debators, with many points of information and great argumentation.  In the end, Elton convinced us that for the sake of the quality of our education, we should each be responsible for our own university fees.

Yolanda Mni was awarded Best Speaker




  • 25 August—Eleanor vs Elton—FINALS

Topic: This house would ban the use of animals for entertainment and sport

Points: Eleanor 197.5, Elton 204

**An interesting and different topic on animal rights, instead of the usual human rights. Elton’s arguments describing the difference in entertainment and sport as opposed to animal cruelty won the debate. 

Yolanda Mni was awarded Best Speaker


Overall standings:

1st Place—Elton
2nd Place—Eleanor
3rd Place—Elizabeth


Thank you to the old and new committee members under the leadership of Mandisa Witbooi and Emihle Prince for the organisation of the debates.  Thank you to all those who debated and put in valuable time to research and help with preparations. Also, thank you to those who chaired the debates and to the dedicated timekeepers.



 August 27, 2015
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Mrs T. Gunter

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