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BY Mrs K. Stear

The congestion outside Riebeek College in the mornings before school commences and then again at 14:00 when school ends has reached unacceptable levels. This is coupled with many drivers / parents completely ignoring the rules of the road and this poses a great threat to the safety of our Riebeek girls and staff. Drivers create dangerous situations by U-turning in front of the school or in the school driveway, parking in non-parking areas such as on the zebra crossing and also failing to stop at the zebra crossing when our girls are trying to cross the road.
The staff of Riebeek have received abuse from drivers / parents when they attempt to stop drivers from parking in incorrect and dangerous places such as on the zebra crossing. It is unacceptable for my staff to be abused by drivers / parents. Our teachers have the welfare of our girls at heart and they would be failing in their duty to the learners should they not attempt to stop dangerous driving habits.
I have requested on numerous occasions for the Uitenhage Traffic Department to send a Pointsman to direct the traffic before and after school. From time to time a person is sent to direct the traffic but this is intermittent. A regular Pointsman is needed.
I ask parents not to park on the zebra crossing or to U-turn in front of the school or in the school driveway and to exercise a little more patience. If you need to U-turn, please drive to the end of North St and turn at the circle. If parents pay for their girls to be transported by taxi, please do inform the drivers of this communication. As parents, you are paying good money to get your daughters to school so please ensure that the transport drivers have the safety of your precious daughter at heart and that they stop the type of driving that is happening outside our school at present.
I remind you that the hostel gate is an alternative drop off and pick up point, as is the gate in Dunn Rd and we do have guards stationed at both these gates in the morning and at 14:00.
I trust that I will receive the cooperation of both parents and transport drivers in this matter.
Yours sincerely

 March 04, 2018
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