BY Mrs K. Stear

rincipal's Letter of 17 March 2021
Dear Parents
The teachers and learners are truly well into teaching and learning after four weeks of schooling. The girls have settled down well after their long break.
I would like to bring to your attention to a couple of matters:
• There will be no 5th lesson for grades 10 to 12 on Thursday 18th March due to the SGB educator and non-educator elections taking place for the staff.
• The SGB elections will be held all day from 07:00 until 18:00 on Wednesday 24th March. More information will be provided soon. Nomination forms are available from the office as from today.
• All grade 11 and 12 learners need to submit a copy of their ID to their register class teachers.
• We are in the process of getting the clothing shop ready to open. When this is done we will notify parents by means of the d6 as to when the clothing shop will open. It will be this term and we will grant parents a couple of months grace to purchase school uniform.
• We ask parents to please schedule doctors / dentist appointments for your daughters after school hours where possible. We are losing enough teaching time as it is with the COVID-19 protocols. Should it be unavoidable, please send a letter to the school informing us of this.
• Text books need to be covered in plastic. The deadline for this has passed.
• Please ensure that your daughter is appropriately dressed if she is wearing civvies. No low tops / short skirts / bare bellies.
• Grade 10 and 11 learners need to see their subject teachers urgently if subject changes are being considered.
• The Department of Education deadline for applications for concessions and accommodations for special needs is days away. Parents who are concerned about their daughters’ medical or neurological conditions need to contact Mr Bowles (grade 8 to 12) or Mrs Bowles (Grade 4-7) urgently.
• Please ensure your daughter is not late for school as this impacts negatively on our lining up and leading into the school process.
We do have a couple of matters of concern:
? In certain grades, (especially grade 10) there appears to be an apathy when it comes to working hard and keeping up with the syllabus and completing assessments. Deadlines MUST be adhered to. Many girls are not doing their homework and are handing in assessments / assignments late. This is not acceptable. In our experience from last year, the key to academic success during these times of the pandemic hinges on your daughter’s academic efforts and discipline. Working at home on the home-schooling weeks is ESSENTIAL. Many girls are being lazy and we ask parents to monitor their daughter’s school work.
? We decided to reintroduce some sport at school since we are now in lockdown level one. However, the support we have received in the high school is very disappointing. It is important for your daughters to exercise as besides the physical benefits of exercise, there are many emotional benefits which our girls need in these stressful times of the pandemic. The juniors, however are fully supportive and excited about attending sport!
It is now a year since we have been living in the “new normal”! I truly salute our teachers who have also acted as Health and Safety officials over this time as well as teaching and ensuring the safety of your daughters. I congratulate the girls who remain positive and continue to work hard. May you all stay safe.
Kind Regards
Mrs K Stear

 March 17, 2021
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Mrs K. Stear

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