Letter from the principal 16 february

BY Mrs K. Stear

16 February 2021
Dear Parents and Learners
Yesterday we welcomed back to school the grades 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 12. Textbooks and stationery packs were successfully handed out and all the grades were orientated again on the protocols to follow during the pandemic. The learners were very receptive and well behaved.
The grades 6, 9 and 11 classes received their textbooks, stationery packs and school work for week one last week.  I urge these girls to start promptly with their school work. These grades will attend school next week.
The hostel opened on Sunday evening for the return of the boarders. A classroom at the school has been allocated to the boarders in grades not attending school on certain weeks. This will enable our boarders to do their school work at the school where there is supervision.
I remind parents that all textbooks need to be covered as this protects the books. Textbooks are very costly and we strive to keep these books in as good a condition as possible.
Please study the table below to determine when your daughter/s will attend school and when they will be working at home.

The Department has issued an instruction that all learners who were granted exemption from attending school in 2020, shall be exempted until 30 June 2021, or until further notice, depending on changing circumstances. Learners who have not applied for exemption, and now wish to do so, may do so. The relevant application can be found on the d6. Learners who have been exempted from school attendance, and whose circumstances have improved, are urged to return to school as soon as possible.
I urge all parents to ensure that they have downloaded the d6 Communicator. All happenings and updates at the school are posted onto the d6 so it is our main means of communication with parents. The amended 2021 school calendar has been loaded onto the d6.  Please see below the new term dates:
Term 1:               15 February – 23 April
Term 2:               03 May – 09 July
Term 3:               26 July – 01 October
Term 4:               11 October – 15 December.
I wish you all a successful and rewarding year. Please stay safe.
Kind Regards
Mrs K Stear

 February 16, 2021
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Mrs K. Stear

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