Letter from the principal 8 october 2020

BY Mrs K Stear

                                                                                                                                                08 October 2020
Dear Parents and Learners,
As we approach the end of term, I would like to update you on some happenings and important information for the last couple of weeks of Term 3 and to brief you on some of our arrangements for Term 4.
Due to the Cosatu strike yesterday, the final two Matric trial exams have been postponed until today, 8 October. On Friday 9 October, the Matrics are fortunate to have a day of rest at home to recharge their batteries, as they will need to be energized for their last two weeks of schooling where we focus on learning from trials to improve for the finals.   
12/10/2020 to 16/10/2020:
·        The Grade 4, 6, 10 and 12 learners will attend school.
·       On 13 October, the teachers will begin the process of finalizing the reports and it is vital that all Term 3 SBA tasks by all learners in all grades are completed before this date or we cannot issue reports. 
·       It is very important for the Grade 12s to ensure they do attend school daily as much remedial work will be done which is an absolute necessity for them.  Schooling is, after all, a compulsory requirement! Please do not believe your daughter if she tells you that no work is being done at school. 
·       Friday 16 October is the last day to attend school in Term 3 for the Grade 10 learners, although they will still be home-schooling for one more week thereafter until school breaks up for a short holiday on Friday 23 October.
19/10/2020 to 23/10/2020:
·       In the last week of this term, the Grade 5, 7, 11 and 12 learners will attend school.
·       In this final week of Term 3, the Grade 12s will write the FINAL LIFE ORIENTATION exam (with lesson 3 and 4 thereafter) on Monday 19 October and the FINAL CAT PRACTICAL on Wednesday 21 October.
·        A special programme of lessons has been created for the Matric lessons on Thursday 22 October and only learners who take Mathematics, Physical Science, Geography, Accounting or Life Sciences will attend school on this day and only for the lessons relevant to their subject selections.   
·       The last day of Term 3 for Grade 5, 7 and 11 learners will be on Thursday 22 October as the Matric Valedictory Ceremony will be held on Friday 23 October.  This ceremony is for the Matrics and their parents / guardian only due to the need for social distancing, and will be held on the hockey field. The Matrics are to wear their summer school uniform.
·       The Grade 4 to 11 reports will be handed out on Thursday 22 October. Learners at school in Grades 5, 7 and 11 will sign for and receive their reports in Lesson 4. For Grades 4,6,8,9 and 10, the collection of reports will happen in the same way as the hard-copy collections in the front carpark of the school.  It is essential that parents stick to their allocated time as we will not be able to accommodate parents outside of the indicated time.  It is also vital that parents scrutinize the reports carefully as this is the first time since March that you are able to assess your daughter’s progress and work ethic. The allocated times per grade are:
Gr 4 + 8               8 to 8:30
Gr 6 + 9               8:30 to 9
Gr 10                   9 to 9:30
Term 4:
·       Term 4 starts on Monday 02 November to Friday 6 November with the Grades 4, 6 and 8 attending school and a special programme for Grade 10 and 11 learners who take Life Sciences, CAT, Mathematics, Accounting, Geography, Physical Science from Monday 02/11 to the Thursday 05/11. Grade 10 and 11 learners will attend school only for the lessons where subjects they do are being presented. 
·       Grade 12s will begin their final examinations on 5 November with an afternoon examination.
·       The Grade 10 and 11 Final Tests will begin on Friday 6 November and continue until Thursday 26 November. School will end for Grade 10 and 11 on Thursday 26 November.
·       Grade 4 and 6 will be at school for these dates: 2-6 November, 16-20 November and Tuesday 24 and Thursday 26 November.  School will end for Grade 4 and 6 on Thursday 26 November.
·       Grade 5 and 7 will be at school for these dates: 9-13 November and Monday 23 November, Wednesday 25 November and Friday 27 November. School will end for Grade 5 and 7 on Friday 27 November.
·       Grade 8 will be at school for these dates: 2-5 November, 16-20 November.  School will end for Grade 8s on the 20 November.
·       Grade 9 will be at school for these dates: 9-13 November, 23-27 November.  School will end for Grade 9s on Friday 27 November.
·       School closes for the Grade 12 learners on Friday 11 December when the last Matric final exam is written. This is followed by the Matric Dance the same evening.
·       The staff will end the working year on Wednesday 15 December when Grade 4 to 11 reports will be handed out.
It is very important for parents to note that any girls who have applied to still be home-schooled have to come to school to write their Final Tests and assessments following the dates, times and venues of the Test Programme, which can be sourced on the d6 under Resources or, in the case of Grade 4-9,  by contacting the Grade Head. 
A reminder to Grade 9 parents that the subject choice forms need to be returned to the school by Friday 16 November at the very latest.
An urgent reminder to Grade 10 and 11 learners and parents that subject change forms must be submitted by 27 November after the forms have been filled in by various stakeholders in the process. GRADE 11s MUST REALISE THAT NO SUBJECT CHANGES CAN BE MADE IN THE NEW YEAR. 
Our 2021 Senior Prefects were announced this week and I would like to heartily congratulate these girls:
Wade-Lee Müller – Head Girl              
Kwakho Bissett – Deputy Head Girl
Kiara Brink, Neve Burness, Jadé Damons, Bernice Donkor, Othandwayo Gaba, Sara Gopal, Elihle Jantjies, Erinn Kettledas, Sinobom Lupondwana, Inganathi Mantewu, Hasti Pansuriya, Caitlin Peters, Chanté Potgieter, Buhle Tshaka.
Please be punctual in dropping off and collecting learners as we must have a staggered approach to keep to Covid-19 protocols.  Please do not make a U-turn in North Street and do not drive up the driveway of the school.  These actions place our learners at great risk.  It is worrying that there are drivers or parents who are concerned about the safety of our girls in relation to COVID-19. but do not appear to be concerned for their safety when it comes to motor vehicles.
It is hard to believe that we are in the throes of planning for our last term of 2020. This certainly has been a very challenging year for us all and I look forward to a far more pleasant 2021.  However, our girls must remember that the year is not yet over and there is much work to be done in order to make it a successful and rewarding year where potential was reached and skills were developed.
We request that learners who choose to come to school in school uniform wear their summer uniform and not the winter uniform. 
Kind Regards
Mrs K Stear

 October 08, 2020
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Mrs K Stear

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