Letter from the principal 4 june 2020

BY Mrs K. Stear

4 June 2020
Dear Parents and Learners
School will reopen for Grade 7 and 12 on Monday (8 June) and the staff at Riebeek is ready and excited to accept our learners back. I ask you to please reread the letters I put out on the 28 May and 1 June, as well as the correspondence entitled Covid-19: A Guide for Parents and Learners. These documents detail exactly what the girls can expect on their return to school and contain important information from me. 
It is going to take much discipline and focus from the learners to adhere to the protocol we need to follow to reduce the transmission of the covid-19 virus. However, it is essential that we do so. Parents, we need your help in this regard. Please ensure that your daughter is acutely aware of the following:
·       Arrive at school wearing a mask. The school will issue you with masks as well.
·       Mask are to be worn at all times.
·       Sanitise your hands with the sanitiser provided regularly.
·       PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING OF AT LEAST 1.5m – even in the grounds. Please do not get so excited at seeing your friends that you hug them. At break you may chat to your friends but still maintain social distancing.
·       Don’t touch your eyes, nose mouth. Safety glasses will also be provided to you.
·       Cough / sneeze into your elbow or into a tissue. As masks are to be worn at all times, this is only applicable when learners remove their masks to eat their lunch. 
·       Try not to touch anything and when you do, sanitise your hands immediately afterwards.
·       Please keep a pen on you all the time as you will need it to fill in the screening form every day, to sign for your PPE and to sign in and out of venues to access the ablution facilities.
·       If you travel by public transport, please ensure that you follow the same protocols as set out by the school.
·       Bring your own lunch to school.
This week is Child Protection Week. National Child Protection Week is commemorated annually to raise awareness for the rights of children. Children are our greatest asset and we must protect them.
Families are the first line of protection for children; we call on parents and caregivers to make sure that children are safe during COVID-19.
Should your daughter fail to comply with the correct protocols around Covid-19, she will be asked to return home. This is in the best interest of all our learners and staff and is a measure supported by the Department of Education.
We appeal to parents to continue paying school fees during this time. We know, however, that this is a very difficult time for all our parents but the school has certain expenses that cannot be left unpaid.  We ask parents, if they are able to, to pay their school fees into our bank account by eft, if possible.
Bank – FNB  Acc Name- Riebeek College GHS      
Acc Number – 53971284352 
Branch code – 210316    Reference – learner’s surname/fees.
We are asking for a donation for the masks if parents feel they are able to afford to do so. We will leave the amount up to your own discretion. Again, if you are able to, please eft this into the same bank account with the reference – learner’s surname, mask donation.  
Hard copies of work done by the learners during lockdown will be handed out from tomorrow. Please ONLY collect work if you are NOT able to access any work from the d6 School Communicator.  Lockdown regulations are still in force, and we must limit visitors to the school as much as possible.  If you can wait, then it would be better for you to wait until your daughter returns to school to receive copies of the work made available digitally. Please ensure you are wearing a mask.  Only 1 person from each family may collect the hard copies.  For all grades except Grade 7 and 12, please enter at the main gate and make your way to the end of the parking area to collect work, observing social distancing, and exit the school premises via the pedestrian gate.  For Grade 7 and 12, the work can be collected from the veranda of the main entrance to the school.  The programme is:
Friday 5 June – Parents of Grade 4 and 11 who absolutely need hard copies. The time for collection will be 8.30-9.30.  The parents of Grade 11 learners must have with them a list of which subjects the learner does. 
Monday 8 June - Parents of Grade 6 and 10 who absolutely need hard copies. The time for collection will be 8.30-9.30.  The parents of Grade 10 learners must have with them a list of which subjects the learner does. 
Tuesday 9 June - Parents of Grade 5 and 9 who absolutely need hard copies. The time for collection will be 8.30-9.30.  All grade 5 parents will need to collect textbooks for their daughters.
Wednesday 10 June - Parents of Grade 8 who absolutely need hard copies. The time for collection will be 8.30-9.30. 
Friday 12 June - Grades 7 and 12 parents of the learners who are unable to return to school.  The time for collection will be 2 – 2.30. 
For Grade 7 and 12, the Friday slot of 2 – 2.30 will be a permanent arrangement for learners unable to attend school.  We urge our parents whose daughters will not be attending school to make contact with us regarding Instruction Note 20 – full or partial exemption from school attendance.  We need to set up a telephonic interview regarding this document and we need to make arrangements for your daughter. Please find this document on the d6 under the tab RESOURCES.
For Grade 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11; we will review when again to hand out hard copies based on when such a need exists again.  Please continue using the d6 School Communicator, a low data usage app, and ensure your daughter is on the relevant subject WhatsApp groups. 
It has been an incredibly busy time and I appeal to you for your patience in all matters.  The school has to be sanitised every afternoon so we often have to vacate the building in the early afternoon and continue to work from home so that sanitisation can occur.  We are finding ourselves micro-managing every step that every learner will take in the school and putting in place many policies, duty lists and measures to ensure safety and to further teaching and learning for those returning to school and those still at home.  The SGB, staff, SMT, administrative team and support staff are working at full steam and I appeal to you to be in awe of what we are achieving in spite of obstacles. 
Riebeek is fully equipped to receive the Grade 7 and 12 learners back on Monday. The staff have been orientated on the correct protocols to follow in this time and we are raring to go. We need to get down to our core business, which is education, and we look forward to it.
Kind Regards
Mrs K Stear

 June 04, 2020
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Mrs K. Stear

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