World Read Aloud Day 4/3 and World Book Day 5/3

BY Mrs J. Panayiotou

World Read Aloud Day is celebrated to motivate children, teens and adults worldwide to celebrate the power of words and creates a community of readers taking action to show the world that the right to literacy belongs to all people. Mrs Panayioutou set out to celebrate and investigate the reading of Riebeek and here is what she found:
The learners and teachers of Riebeek College love to read! Miss Johnson reads aloud to her class every day and she reports that they love the Horrid Henry stories! Miss Johnson says her love for reading developed in grade five when her teacher read to her class. She believes that reading enhances vocabulary and this in turn helps you excel at creative writing and languages.
The junior school always looks forward to their library lessons with Miss du Preez and Mrs Myburgh. There is always a queue of girls lined up and excited to take out a new book. Meagan Roos loves reading because “if you’re feeling sad or going through a tough time, you can escape into another world and be with your favourite characters!” Inganathi Mantewu loves reading because she gets to use her imagination and she enjoys learning new words. Buhle Tshaka enjoys reading out loud as she finds it exciting to read with expression!
We asked a few grade 5 which books they would recommend and these were some of their suggestions:
Kayla Minnaar enjoys Mr Gum books. She says: “ I love it because it is so funny and has lots of interesting things about a boy who loves bears and honey.”
Khanyisa Butana reads Judy Moody books. She says: “ The books are very funny and whenever you read it, it feels like you are in the book!”
Sarah Mc Farlane enjoys Nancy Drew. She says: “ I like mystery stories. They can be really funny sometimes!”
Lynn-Marie Nel loves Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. “It is about a boy who gets bullied by a five year old. Some of the things he says and does is really funny!”
Rebecca Phelan loves to read. She believes that reading is much better than watching television and playing video games. Her granny encourages her to read and her favourite books are The Series of Unfortunate Events. “ I love that there is lots of adventure. You get caught up in the books very quickly.”
We encourage everybody to participate in World Read Aloud Day today and spend some time reading with family or friends.
Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him. –Maya Angelou

 March 04, 2015
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Mrs J. Panayiotou

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