market day

BY Mrs C. Chrysostomou and Megan Potgieter

An incredible Market Day hosted by the Riebeek College Grade 7 classes was held on 8 September.. With creative themes, delicious goodies and interesting services offered, the rest of the school spent their very last cents to enjoy and experience every bit of this fantastic day. The support was incredible and the rest of the school was eager to have 3D make-up done, paint their nails eat rotis, rice crispe treats and loads more. Mrs Chrysostomou said, "I was amazed at how the girls used their skills and creativity to produce a variety of options for the consumers. I was very impressed." The girls learnt a lot and might have realised that being an entrepreneur can be a challenging task. Megan Potgieter reports on Grade 7 Market Day on 8 September: This year's Grade 7 EMS market day was one to remember. So many wonderful eats and goodies were sold by each store. The atmosphere was filled with nerves as we had worked on this project for more than 3 weeks, but when the day came we were all excited. Our morning started off with a bit of cleaning and getting ready for the the day. All the tables were beautifully decorated according to each group's theme. When the time came to sell our products, everyone was overwhelmed by the amount of girls that bought things from their stores. Throughout the day, awesome music was played and we all danced along. A few stores sold out quite quickly in the beginning but at the end almost everyone's things were gone. Thank you so much to all the teachers that sold tokens on the day, thank you to Mrs Chrysostomou for organizing and thank you to everyone who bought everything that was on sale. This event taught us many things about entrepreneurship that we will use for the rest of our schooling career. Thank you too to Mrs T. Woods and the teachers who stepped in to help.

 September 12, 2017
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