BY Mrs A Peltason

A small-town girl with old-fashioned values, and a strong advocate of tradition, Marilyn Dodd Woods is about to step down after a forty-four-year-old love affair with teaching. Herself an old girl of the school, Mrs Woods catapulted from schoolgirl to school principal with tenacity so typical of her, qualifying, marrying and being promoted to Head of Department a mere four years into her career. There followed a series of steps from Head of the Junior School, to Deputy Principal, Acting Head and finally Principal. She retires at the end of 2016 and colleagues and girls gathered to mark the end of her remarkable career at a special assembly, in advance of the scheduled farewell in December, to enable the Matrics to participate.
Marilyn, zealously loyal to family, Riebeek College and the little town of Uitenhage, is the youngest of four daughters. As an educator and young leader she excelled in her ability to sell, raising money for Riebeek through golf days, and working tirelessly as a producer of successive annual musical shows. She will be remembered for her “pills of wisdom” handed out in assemblies and for the Fruits of the Spirit she believed in and nurtured. Marilyn Woods stood for everything ‘lovely and of good report’ and many a time was heard telling a girl that she would ‘never give up’ on her.
Girls and staff formed a guard of honour from the hall to the Students’ Centre. En route girls presented Mrs Woods with puzzle and mosaic pieces. A Flash Mob rendition of ‘All you need is Love’ provided a fitting tribute.
Mrs Marilyn Woods loved Riebeek College and Riebeek College in turn, loved her back. She will be missed by all who had the privilege of knowing and working with her.
Mrs Woods, an active Rotarian, plans to retire in Port Elizabeth, close to her family and friends.

 December 07, 2016
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Mrs A Peltason

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