All Girls'National Schools and Cultural Festival

BY Mrs A. Peltason

During the April break, 26th – 29th April,  a group of debaters and public speakers took part in an All Girls’ Festival at Collegiate. We were one of 20 schools from all over the country and the competition was tough.


Our debaters did exceptionally well. They were knocked out in the semi-finals after 6 glorious rounds, by Collegiate. There was little to separate the teams and the decision could have gone either way. In the end, despite losing the semi-final, Riebeek came second with 13 points and a score of 1255 to Collegiate’s 13 points and 1210 points. Durban  Girls’ High was the ultimate winner with 15 points and a score of 1263. It was certainly very, very close.


Two of our debaters were placed in the Top 10 Speakers. Micaela White and Asisipho Tsotsa. Micaela with 75 points was very close to the top score of 77.5. Well done all the debaters. You have proven that you can perform at  a national level and win!


Public speaking also fared very well, with Anavuyo Selani making the final line-up for both the prepared and impromptu sections. Nicola McEwan and Carla Ferreira spoke very well on each occasion. The competition represented to top girls’ schools in the country. Our

girls acquitted themselves exceptionally well.


 April 30, 2014
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Mrs A. Peltason

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