The Grade 7s enter the World of Business

BY Mr B. Jonas

As part of the Economic and Management Studies Grade 7 syllabus, the Grade 7s undertook a market day concept to learn about the world of business. First the girls learnt about overstocking, pricing, markets, profit and loss.  The girls then formed business groups and made or bought items to sell.  They then worked towards getting the best possible mark out of 50 for their term 3 report by making posters, marketing their products, setting up their stalls, dressing up to a theme and decorating their stall and then selling their products on 28 August.  Coupons were sold to the teachers and learners to spend in the hall, instead of working with money on the day.  There were 14 groups with 5 girls in a group and the groups were Sophisticated Ladies, Hawaiian girls gone wild, Vintage Hippies, Springles, Minnie Mouse, Sweet Surrender, Devil and Prada, Bunny Girlz, the E Girls, Demons versus Angels, Sweet Seekers, Entrepreneurial Princesses, Funky School Kids, The Flower Puff girls. 

The girls said:

Khiran Butt: It was fun and stressful.  At first nothing was selling but it picked up quickly and all of our products sold.  We learned to work together, learnt how to work with money and learnt about the business world.

Entle Matyumza: Nerve wracking with some intense moments in the group.  We did not know how many tables to book and small things got to us but we soon learnt to work together.

Azraa Rockman: Stressful but so very amazing!  Wow!  There is such relief that all was well.

Kelly Wildskut:  An amazing day.  We were determined to fly like a bird and sting like a bee.

Robyn Minnaar: Preparing for the day was a lot of work and some things did not work out.  But, we learnt so much.

 August 28, 2015
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Mr B. Jonas

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