Welcome, miss van der westhuizen

BY Miss C. van der Westhuizen

Riebeek College extends a warm welcome to Miss van der Westhuizen who joins the Riebeek staff from Term 2: Miss van der Westhuizen writes: "I was born and bred in Uitenhage. I started school at the age of 5 at Bambi, went to College Hill and then spent my schooling career at Riebeek College.
I studied at NMMU where I completed my B.Ed degree majoring in Languages (IP). I completed the practical aspect of my degree as a student teacher at Riebeek in 2013. I furthered my studies and completed my B.Ed Honours in 2014 which was the same year that I started teaching! I was a teacher assistant at Riebeek for six months after graduating before I started teaching at Strelitzia, and that’s where I’ve been for the last four years.
I love my church and I’ve been a youth leader for the last eight years. I love working with young people, being able to impact them and play a role in helping them to discover who they are.
My interests and hobbies include writing, youth and community involvement, reading, traveling, romance novels and playing tennis.
I would describe myself as being down to earth, but also a perfectionist at times. I’m caring and have a big heart. I love spending time with family and friends. I’m a wanderlust - I love adventure! I want to travel the world, see beautiful places and explore the uncharted.
I love teaching because, as a teacher, you are seen as a role model, an inspiration. You get to play a role in helping a child find their place and their identity. You get to see how a child grows from the minute she steps into your classroom for the first time to the last day of school. I get to give back and pour out the wisdom and knowledge that I gained when I was at school. And that’s amazing!
I’m so excited to be back at the school that taught me so much, the school that played a massive role in mounding me into the woman I am today."

 March 21, 2018
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