Sasol Enviro Quiz Competion

BY Miss C. Panayiotou

It has been exciting for our Grade 6 girls this year.  It is the first year that we have had the opportunity of entering 12 of our grade six learners into the Sasol Enviro Quiz Competition.  


These 12 girls took part in the first round of the quiz which took place at Handhaaf.  Three various lessons were presented on the topic “biodiversity.”  The girls took part in a group quiz where they had to answer questions regarding these lessons.  We are very proud of all 12 learners.


We were then thrilled to hear that 6 of the girls had made it through to the second round of the quiz. The girls are; Alexandra Dennis, Azraa Rockman, Jamie Boswell, Jessica Crail. Romesa Muhammad and Ganeefa Sirkhotte. When the girls found out, they were ecstatic, “This is so awesome,” said Jamie Boswell.  The girls had to conduct an investigation in and around the school grounds on the topic “biodiversity.” The girls really enjoyed this and found themselves learning a lot and loved every bit of conducting these investigations. They sampled different leaves, learnt about various trees and even set up insect traps to identify different insect species around the school grounds.

The girls then made it through to the final round of the competition.  The girls’ response was “We have to go, Miss Panayiotou.”  The girls compete against 13 other schools. The competition takes place at the Gariep Dam and the girls are being accompanied by Miss Panayiotou. The girls are well prepared, they have enjoyed every bit of it and they learnt a lot.  They will conduct presentations such as; a poster, a song and an oral regarding the topic “biodiversity under threat.”  The girls were very excited and enthusiastic.  We wish them well and are holding thumbs for them.


Biodiversity Under Threat was the reason why these 6 grade six learners, who have made it through to the final round of the Sasol Enviro Quizz competition, went down to Willow Dam on Friday the 17 October to do a litter clean up. We are very proud that they are helping our community and making a change.

 October 20, 2014
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Miss C. Panayiotou

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