Extreme fun mini gala

BY Miss A. Johnson

The Mini Fun Gala was held at the Riebeek pool on the 17th of March.  The Grade 7 teachers and parents are to be thanked for running the tuckshop.  The parents were very generous and there was loads of delicious eats for all the hungry tummies.  The gala started with the cheerleader dances.  Elizabeth showed great co-ordination and timing and Eleanor impressed us with their enthusiasm.  Elton had a wide variety of very good movements in their dance.  The results were as follows:  Eleanor in 3rd place, Elizabeth in 2nd place and the winners were Elton House.  Eleanor was the house that showed great spirit on the day.  The girls had loads of fun with races such as the pyjama race, the noodle race and the dolphin dive.  This year our theme was summer so we included a beach ball race relay.  The girls and the colourful beach balls in the water really captured the summer feeling along with the fact that is was a very hot day.  A huge thank you to all the staff for their involvement and support.  A special thank you to Mr Reynolds who was the starter.  Thank you to all the parents who supported us by coming to watch and join in the summer fun.  Despite the incredible heat a wonderful day was had by all.

 March 22, 2017
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Miss A. Johnson

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