Media workshop- ma-aasha came back!

BY Megan Potgieter
The Back to Basics media workshop was held on 11th August and grades 7 to 12 were welcome. For the first time ever, the grade 7’s were invited and thoroughly enjoyed it. Our wonderful guest speaker was Ma-aasha Ismail, an Old Girl and journalist turned English teacher. She first taught us about the pyramid structure of journalism. She then told us why she went from journalism to education. She told us that she began teaching grade 7 learners who struggled with reading. Most girls found this very fascinating. She then began to teach us a few tips for writing. Something she said that really stuck with everyone was to find your hook in your writing piece to be unique. One of the questions asked was how she knew that she wanted to study journalism. She told us that her teachers were a very big influence on her studying to be a journalist. She then told us a few tips on how to shoot manual in photography. She told us that some important things to remember was iso, aperture, shutter-speed and f-stop. She answered some more questions about language and her schooling career. Other things that she mentioned was the difference between “affect” and “effect” and the difference between “their” and ‘they’re.” Thank you to Mrs Gerber and the Media Committee for organising, Miss Ma-aasha Ismail for being our wonderful guest speaker and Mrs Stear for allowing the grade 7s to come to the first of many great learning opportunities.
 August 12, 2017
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Megan Potgieter

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