Grade 7 Outing to Cuyler Manor

BY Megan Potgieter

The grade 7 outing to Cuyler Manor had every grade 7 girl excited. The atmosphere was playful and energetic, as many of the girls were excited to do all the wonderful activities planned. The first activity was a quick trip to the Cuyler Manor Museum. There, our special tour guide for the day, Rosie, dressed up a few of the girls to show us what Dutch women used to wear on a daily basis. She then took us into the museum and told us all about the Cuyler family. Rosie showed us all the bedrooms, the dining room and also, an old-fashioned toilet, which most of the girls found very interesting. She showed us a dark room, which was where they stored the coffins of the people who used to live in the house. Most of the girls were scared, but also quite intrigued. We were then showed around the kitchen. Rosie showed us all the appliances they used in the 1800’s. We were shown an old Dutch oven, an old frying pot, an old waffle maker and an old coffee bean roaster. Rosie then showed us the soaps that were made out of goat fat that the people used to use.  We stopped for a quick lunch and then were given a quick history lesson from Mr Samkelo Giyose. He taught us more about the South African flag and our living heritage symbols. He told us about the history of South Africa and taught us how to be a good citizen. A quote that really stuck with the girls was “Before you are South African, you are African.” After our lesson, Rosie showed us how to make ginger beer. A few girls helped make the ginger beer while the rest of the girls encouraged them by cheering them on and singing . At the end of the activity, all the girls received a glass of ginger beer and a gingerbread biscuit. The next activity was sausage making. The teachers and girls thoroughly enjoyed helping Rosie make the sausage. Finally, the last activity of the day had came: smearing cow dung. Almost all of the girls were looking forward to this. Rosie showed us how to smear the cow dung and also told us the history about using cow dung to build huts. The girls found this very fun and reported that it was, by far, their favourite activity. At the end of the day, most of the girls went to see the animals on the small touch farm. There were geese, tortoises and, the girls’ favourite, bunnies! Beautiful candles of different colours were also sold for R2. Simomhle Moss said “The tour of the Cuyler house was creepy yet interesting  and fun. This outing was the best one yet!” Special thanks to Mrs Chrysostomou, Mrs Woods and Mr Reynolds for driving and Mrs Snyman for accompanying us on the best outing ever.

 August 07, 2017
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Megan Potgieter

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