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BY Meaghan Botha

1 Congratulations on achieving the top academic honours at your school. What motivated you to work so hard?
My motivation has always been my brother. He suffers from cerebral palsy, a disorder which effects movement, muscle tone and posture. He taught me that I am lucky to be able to live a full life. Every day when I'd come home from school he'd call "baba". For me this was a daily reminder that I had to work hard and enjoy my matric year because he would never get the chance to experience life the way I could.
2 What makes your school unique and why do you think you have achieved such great results? What role did your school and its’ teachers play in achieving your goal?
What makes Riebeek Girl's College unique is the environment the teachers and other staff create. You feel welcome and at home at Riebeek. The teachers layed down the foundation for my success and this foundation just like the "huisie by die see" has not failed me. Hard work throughout the year, making studying fun for myself and sacrificing my time is what helped me achieve such great results.
3 What is your favourite subject (and why) and who was the teacher?
My favourite subject has always been Geography which was taught by Mrs Bean. I have always been intrigued by the earth and it's marvelous creations. As a young girl I would always ask why and in geography I found most of my answers. Mrs Bean also played a role in my enthusiasm as her explanations were always captivating. I will always remember the hand dances she performed while explaining various topics in class. I don't think she realised she had one though.
4 Where will you be studying in 2020?
I will be studying Geosciences at Nelson Mandela University.
5 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In five years I see myself as a happy 23 year old, who has graduated from university hopefully with my honours in geology.
6 How would you motivate next year’s matrics to achieve their goals? What advice can you give them?
If I were to explain grade 12 to future matriculants, I'd compare it to a roller-coaster. There will be twists and turns. There will be moments when you feel as though you're about to fall flat on your face but the adrenaline rush makes it all worth it or as in this case your results. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the workload but take it easy. Maintain a healthy balance between schoolwork and your social life. You need a well deserved break from time to time. My most important tip would be to get a good night's rest before an exam. Your mind can't think straight if you're tired especially during those 3 hour exams. Trust and believe in yourself, if you put in the effort your hard work will be paid off a hundred times over.
7 What hobbies do you have?
My Hobbies include reaseaching conspiracy theories which always end up scaring me. I enjoy creating deserts which don't always work out as expected but they taste amazing I promise. Another hobby of mine is cake decorating in which I have finally discovered how to create the perfect rose.
Choose one: Quickfire questions / Blitsvrae
?      Cappuccino, hot chocolate/warm sjokolade or tea/tee?
?      Tea, rooibos preferably
?      Braai with friends/braai saam met vriende/ takeaways/wegneemetes or a picnic/piekniek?
?      Braai with friends
?      Binge watching series/tv reekse kyk, a live music festival/ regstreekse musiekfees /fliek met popcorn or a movie with popcorn?
?      Binge watching series
?      Android or iOS?
?      Android all the way.

 January 10, 2020
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Meaghan Botha

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