Riebeek helps the Penguins

BY Martez Meyer

On 23 April, the Interact Board members volunteered at Bayworld.

Here we got involved with the behind the scenes work such as cleaning of the tanks, cleaning of the baby penguin centre etc.

After the hard but fun work was over, we were treated to a special "handshake" with one of the seals.

Not only was it amazing to serve others especially the animals, we too learnt a lot about these fascinating animals and what we as society can do to better our environment. Lexie, one of the seals, is a good example as she is trained to remove papers or any foreign objects from the pool if she comes across it.

We would like to thank Bayworld for accomodating us, Mr Reynolds for always being prepared to transport us and Miss Du Preez for being such a star today.

 April 26, 2016
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Martez Meyer

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