Welcome Mrs Shelver

BY Martez Meyer

To fill the role of an English teacher such as Mrs Swanepoel during the middle of the year  is not easy but Mrs Shelver stepped into the role and took on the challenge with a confident smile.

Mrs Shelver was born in Kwa-Zulu Natal and attended Eshowe Primary until Grade 4.  Her family later moved to Botswana due to her dad’s job and there she completed her primary school at Livingstone Primary. She then attended Wineberg Girl’s High School in Cape Town and when her dad had to move to Zambia, she moved to East London with her mom and completed her high school career at Claredon High.


Mrs Shelver has two qualifications behind her name: BSc in Social Science and PGCE. Mrs Shelver studied her Bachelor of Social Sciences degree at Fort Hare University and this is where she met her husband whom she is married to for 5 years and has a beautiful baby boy with. After working in her career field, Mrs Shelver realized that she was better equipped for teaching and then enrolled in at NMMU where she completed her PGCE diploma. Her transition from a psychologist to a teacher was based on the idea that she wanted to have a more interactive career especially with children where she could teach them.


“My first day was good and it was easy. The kids and the staff were really friendly. The kids showed a huge amount of diligence which was great.” This is how she described her first day at Riebeek. This is her third year of teaching and she doesn’t plan on moving to another school anytime soon. Mrs Shelver aims to integrate well with the school and to build a good relationship with the school and the girls. She does not believe in failure and wants to see all of her students at the end of the year. Mrs Shelver believes that honesty, dignity, kindness and loyalty are traits that everyone should possess.


We welcome you Mrs Shelver!


 July 21, 2015
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Martez Meyer

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