SCA Bash

BY Martez Meyer

The SCA Bash has been a moving and rejuvenating night. There was dancing and praising and worship. Everyone who set foot in Muir College’s Hall must’ve felt something because the energy and the hunger for His word was overflowing. 
The SCA and SU Committee of both Muir and Riebeek planned this event a while back. We decided to change things up a bit and move the Bash, which is normally held at Riebeek College, to Muir College. During the week before the Bash, we as the SCA and SU committee were faced with obstacles and challenges that could have had us ‘running to the hills’. But being the warriors that we are, we didn’t let that stop us from fulfilling what we wanted to do and accomplish. We are grateful to ALL of those who stepped at the last minute.
To start the evening off, Riebeek’s SCA Dance Crew set the stage alight with slick dance moves that Yolanda Mni had taught us. The theme for the Bash was “C4J” which stands for “Crazy for Jesus” and what other way to show how crazy we all are than doing the Monkey. A fun, energetic dance that unleashes your inner monkey had everyone up and full of energy. We were honoured to have 2 bands playing. The first band, leading praise, was the UMC Youth Band of which 2 of our SCA Members were part of and the second band was MAD: Make a Difference, which lead worship. Pastor Miggels and his family of band members took worship to another level and some parts of his message that stood out include, “Do not be conformed to this world” ; “We are in this world but not from this world” ; “Don’t bow down to other gods” ; “We are Children of God”.
The night was a huge success and many of us felt heartsore to leave that safe environment but we hope that each amd everyone of us had taken something from the night. There are many people to thank including the dancers, bands, those at the prayer booth and tuckshop, the Dad’s for being our bouncers, : Mr De Beer, Mr Meyer, Mr Ferguson and Mr Tee, our teachers: Mrs Elie, Mr Elie, Mrs Evert, Miss Hauwkins and Mr Russ. There are many people to thank so if you did something special or you came to the Bash, we thank you but then again we wouldn’t have been able to have a successful Bash without our Father so all thanks be to God.

 October 23, 2014
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Martez Meyer

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