Our Roots are ONE

BY Martez Meyer

Founder's Day - where the past and the present come together.
With Riebeek College celebrating their 139th year since being founded, the sweet sense of nostalgia filled the air as the Old Girls walked through the hallways once again. Old memories that were once forgotten had resurfaced and new memories were created.
To start the beautiful morning off, the Senior 1st Hockey Team and the Old Girl's Hockey Team played a match against each other. Even though the 1st team kept the Old Girls on their toes, the Old Girl's Team beat them by 2-0.
At every Founder's Day the school gathers in a formation on the hockey fields. This year it was made extra special as it is Mrs Woods' last year with all the girls exclaiming that Mrs Woods is their cheerleader.
During the assembly the present  Riebeek Girls were introduced to the various reunion groups and most of them had specific traits that allowed them to be identified by what you would find in a garden: the class of 1956 were the elegant roses, the class of 1961 the sweetpeas, the sunflowers were the class of 1966, the class of 1986 were the petunias, the class of 1991 the garden gnomes and the class of 2006 were the scarecrows.
Two special women: Mrs Joan Field & Miss Roslyn Thomson who were Riebeek Girls respectively in 1966 and 2006 addressed everyone present. During Mrs Joan Field's address, she shared a story about a man named James Simpson who discovered chloroform and she reminded us that we are like acorns that will grow and flourish into Oak trees. Roslyn Thomson, our guest speaker shared her knowledge in her field of work being an Air Traffic Controller and spoke about change and how in the end it's about survival: adapt or die.
Sadly it is the last Founder's Day for Headmistress, Mrs Woods. A tribute was made to her and what everyone had said can be summed up in a single sentence and that is that she made an impact on the lives of those around her. Her pearls of wisdom will stay in the hearts she touched forever as will the Fruit of the Spirit that every Riebeek Girl was reminded to live by.
As the Founder's Day for 2016 draws to a close, we part ways with the reminiscence of the past, the gratefulness of the present and the excitement for the future.
Once a Riebeek Girl, always a Riebeek Girl.

 May 08, 2016
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Martez Meyer

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