SU Camp 2018 

BY Maceyla van Huyssteen and Amee Exford 

"All good things come to an end". With utter sadness, the Riebeek and Muir College SU leaders can agree to this statement. The fun and laughter are now just echoes soothing their ears and hearts. 
Astonishing. This weekend did wonders to the children, as their relationship with God has definitely been strengthened. It has been a wonderful experience for both the learners that went, as well as for the leaders. 
The weekend started with a bang, as all attending the SU Camp were so enthusiastic and excited that they couldn't hide it. Children ended up arriving and hour and a half before their actual arrival time. 
Mrs A. Elie ended the evening with a powerful message about the belt of truth, seeing that the whole weekend revolved around the armour of God, and being part of God's army. 
Saturday was a day filled with fun activities and a fully-loaded programme. Both the children and leaders got a surprise visit from Mrs S. Gerber, whom was accompanied by her two sons and their friend. She also suprised Miss R. Meyers and S. du Preez with energising treats, just what they needed to carry them through the weekend.We would like to thank Mrs S. Gerber for taking time to come and share the day with us and for taking some memorable photos. 
Learners made new friends with the children of the camp, and enjoyed the facilities the facilities such as jumping on the trampolines and playing on the obstacle course. 
Saturday was ended with a message from Mr J. Najoe that left all the children touched. All the children enjoyed hot chocolate around the bonfire after the heart-touching message. 
Sunday proved that through all the exhaustion, both the leaders and children still had some fighting spirit in them to listen to the last bit that SU Camp had to offer for them. Miss O. Gardner ended the whole camp experience with and inspirational message on how to interpret and use the armour of God in our daily lives. 
A few moments that would not be forgotten was when a leader spotted a child wandering off to the river without any supervision, and immediately started singing the song "Down by the river", in the aim of getting the child back to supervision. Words ran out to complete the song, and leader T. Barry ended it by singing "I don't know what to say further". Another unforgettable moment was when a snake slithered past leader Gabrielle Ownhouse's foot  and left Tatum Boswell running and screaming as she spotted this huge Puff Adder. The weekend was definitely full of surprises. 
The SCA and SU team of Riebeek College would like to thank all parents and guardians of the children for allowing them to attend this wonderful camp. We also thank our three guest speakers for the weekend Mrs A. Elie, Mr J. Najoe and Miss O. Gardner for sharing the word of God so powerfully. A special thanks to Miss R. Meyers, Miss S. du Preez, Mrs Evert, Ms Cuyler and Ms Viljoen, teachers from both Riebeek and Muir College for organising the SU Camp so well. 
The heads of the SCA committee would also like to thank all the leaders of Muir and Riebeek College for beingvtrue soldiers, serving God and His children with such passion and exellence. Riebeek Leaders: Jordan Oldham, Zhané Meintjes, Amila Thys, Tamia Smith, Sibabalo Mene, Amy Higgins, Jamie Kayser, Kelebogile Douse, Monique Balie, Tarryn Barry, Malakhiwe Hoffman, Mateenah Langford, Sarah Werth and Octavia Johannes (on her absence). SCA committee also thanks the work crew that assisted the whole weekend whom is Tatum Boswell, Brazil Killian, Justine Mattys and Q-Lynn Davids. 
We acknowledge the matrics whom will sadly be leaving us at the end of 2018. This being, Octavia Johannes, Mateenah Langford and Sarah Werth. Your hard work and dedication to the committee has been noticed, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
We are looking forward to next year's SU Camp to make more, amazing memories!

 April 19, 2018
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