junior inter-house hockey

BY Loren Campbell

The Junior Inter-House Hockey was held during the school day of 28 September. The event was eagerly welcomed by the junior girls who did not at all mind missing a couple of lessons to sing, dance and cheer for their respective houses.
Though competition was tough, the juniors demonstrated great sportsmanship and maintained high levels of energy throughout all the matches. The charged atmosphere among the spectators persisted throughout the day.
The results of the matches are as follows:
The first match of the day between Elton and Elizabeth ended on a draw of 0.
The second match between Elizabeth and Eleanor was won by Eleanor with a score of 0 – 1.
The third match between Eleanor and Elton was won by Eleanor with a score of 1- 0.
The final match between Elizabeth and Elton was won by Elton with a score of 0 -1.
Though all three teams played exceptionally well, Eleanor claimed victory at the end of the day with second place going to Elton and third to Elizabeth.
Thanks to all the teachers who contributed to the success of the afternoon. Special thanks are owed to each house’s team and their coaches, namely Mrs Woods Junior and Mrs Chrysostomou.

 October 01, 2016
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Loren Campbell

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