Class of 2006 - May the Force Be Wtih You

BY Linley Myburg Fourie

Ten years is a long time to be apart. When the class of 2006 came together for the reunion this May, it was simultaneously as if nothing had changed and everything had changed. The event was attended by 19 ladies of our class of 72, and this time it was our turn to join the old girls in the gallery during the Founders’ Day assembly. Many of us are now mothers, and two ladies, who attended the day, paraded a beautiful baby bump (or so Vuyo put it), while others are mothers to some four-legged friends (like Meagan who has three potbelly pigs). Amongst us, there are interesting careers, such as clothing designers, hotel managers, and yes – some have decided to go ‘back to school’ but this time as teachers. A hairstyle has changed here and there, but most of the ladies are still the same – it felt so ‘normal’ catching up, as if we’ve actually come back after a really long school holiday. Our class’ very own Roslyn Thomson did us proud as guest speaker at the event, by providing us with a teaser of her formidable job as an air traffic controller. “It’s not rocket science but more like playing a video game” – I remember her saying, yet we all beg to differ. We were happy to have shared our 10-year reunion with Mrs Woods – who was celebrating her last reunion as school headmistress.  As Akhona said: “You’ve run a good lap”, the class of 2006 wishes you well for your new adventure.


The afternoon’s event was lavished with good food and many laughs. Our entire group sat together to go through some photos of our schooling days, which made us chuckle. We also unveiled our time capsule, which was a form that each one completed in matric that included several questions such as, what are your memorable moments, where do you see yourself in 10 years, and describe your perfect partner. I then kept the time capsule with me for a decade with intention to ‘open’ it at our 10-year reunion. While reading through the thoughts of our 18 year old selves – it evoked a range of expressions that not even emoticons could depict.

It was a pleasure to see teachers, past teachers, such as Mr Ossher, and a past headmistress of ours, Mrs Stear.Those that had Mr Hoare as a teacher did spend some time sharing fond memories that we had of him.


Now, another time capsule has been created, which is only to be revisited on our 25th reunion, where we will once again unite to remember the old, and share the new. In all this, Douglas Adams’ quote rings true:“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”


Ndiya kuthanda, may the force be with you.


 May 09, 2016
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Linley Myburg Fourie

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