BY Lindsay McFarlane

In February the junior and senior school prefects made their way to the Zuurberg Hotel, situated in-between the Addo Mountain Ranges. With a spine-chilling view and a spring in our step, we made the annual prefects ‘trek’ up the mountain.

On arriving at the Zuurberg Hotel, we were met with open arms from the two FATTEST Labradors and a very generous and polite Mr Henry.  Sleeping arrangements were discussed and we were all treated to our 4 star luxury abodes.

Throughout the weekend we were equipped with lessons and advice in order to keep us all sane and confident in everything we do this upcoming year.  With the power cuts changing like the weather outside, we did most of the planning on paper in a newly printed ‘prefects hand guide’ the teachers had so kindly put together.  

The constant power cuts however did not hold any of the chefs back, as the food we received at breakfast, lunch and dinner was heavenly. The fish and chocolate mousse was a memorable meal for all of us. 

#ZEEBEE Was a first this year, and “the amazing race” like set up that was organised for us as a team building exercise, was the highlight of the weekend. With puzzling riddles and brain wracking tasks, we were all expected to pull together as a team to get through the obstacles.

The unity and integrity the prefects demonstrated on camp was excellent, and none of us can wait to put into practise all we have learnt.

Thank you to Mrs Woods, Mrs Snyman and Mrs Stear for coming with us on the camp and for equipping us with lessons that can go far beyond our year as being prefects.

 February 11, 2015
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Lindsay McFarlane

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