Elton House Day

BY Lindsay McFarlane and Michaela Balie

Elton House day 2015 was a huge success. Under the sound guidance of Lindsay McFarlance & Michaela Balie, the Elton executives stood up to the plate, determined to show the school that time was never a factor and that their determination would drive them to a successful house day. The fundraising started off with selling favours and colouring-in competitions for the juniors, which were really well supported. Our slip-slop Day was another great success followed by our FANTASTIC cake sale that was graciously supported by all Elton girls in the school. Selling of popcorn was another fundraising effort. Our Elton house assembly was an even greater success and it started off with a bible reading done by Michaela Balie followed by the prayer done by Robyn Thomson. The guest speaker on the day was Mrs Goosen, who taught us all we needed to know about nursing as a profession, calling and career.  Thank you to AnovuyoSelani for saying the thanks and handing out of the awards at the assembly. The award for Most favours bought went to Tamryn Blignaut in grade 12. The colourings in competition winners were Kamvalethu Xego and Liyema Banzi. A Special mention must be made to Mr Jonas & Mrs Woods for their support & motivation throughout our fundraising as well as to all the Elton staff & grade 12 learners who so generously supported us throughout the term. We couldn't have done it without you!


 February 17, 2015
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