Cyber Hunt Dress UP

BY Kristin Hunt

The Computer Club hosted a Cyber Hunt.  All were dressed in their “IT Crew” shirts with wings, tiaras, ears etc. to add a little colour and fun to the event. The Computer Club members “went missing” with the iPads, which the Grade 4s had to find. The Grade 4s were holding onto the edge of their seats, waiting for the word go. Seeing the Grade 4s run around the grounds, with all the colourful Computer Club members roaming around, was very enjoyable. There were sweets and prizes up for grabs, that the Grade 4s couldn’t wait to get their hands on. It was a very successful event, which the Grade 4s thoroughly enjoyed. We were already asked when the next one is! It was an afternoon that everyone enjoyed and won’t be forgotten soon.

 October 24, 2015
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Kristin Hunt

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