BY Kiara Brink

“Life is a journey and every journey has a destination. We can dream of where we want our destination to be, but without hard work and dedication, we will not reach those dreams.” – Chanté Potgieter (10C).
On 10 July 2019, Riebeek College hosted the 100 Days Smarter project where learners had the opportunity to dress up reflecting their future careers. The civvies day was open to all grades and there was no charge.
The focus of the event was to celebrate the learners and their bright future in a creative way. The girls dressed up as doctors, lawyers, nurses and even policewomen. They were very creative and looked amazing in their attire.
Learners were encouraged to hand in a written presentation detailing their plans for the future. This exercise gave the girls an opportunity to reflect on their future dreams and aspirations. The theme was inspired by the 2019 Founder’s Day guest speaker, Dr Lisa Dondashe. In her speech she highlighted the five elements to achieve success to a memorable career.
The first element focused on the people needed to make your journey a memorable one. They are referred to as the passengers. Taegan Jantjies (4C) wants to become a lawyer and the passengers she would take on her journey to success are her parents, guidance counsellor, spiritual leaders, family, role models, teacher and a career specialist.
The second element was the mode of transport. Mohiba Natha (9G) highlighted this by stating that to achieve her dream of becoming an air hostess, her mode of transport would be working hard, completing all her grades and getting into a sky aviation training programme.
Zaara Rockman (5R) had a map/GPS that showed her thorough research, plan and set everything out for the future. It is said that those who write down their goals and dreams are more likely to actually achieve them.
Goals give us focus and a way to measure our progress. Goals motivate us to stay on track and Kate-Lynn Forbes’ (8R) has a clear destination in mind. Her goal is to become a specialist medical doctor, be true to herself, humble and be the best at what she does.
There were many lawyers, politicians, doctors, nurses, Foundation Phase teachers, engineers and construction workers as choices for what to be one day. Tara Wood brought an animal plush toy along and indicated she wanted to be a zookeeper. Mrs Gerber dressed in a Harry Potter uniform as she would think teaching in the school of the book might have the same magic as Riebeek.
A huge thank you goes to Mrs Viljoen, the coordinator of the event, Dr Lisa Dondashe for the inspiration behind it, and to the learners and teachers who participated.

 July 14, 2019
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Kiara Brink

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