Band costume party

BY Kiara Brink

On 16 August, the Riebeek College Band held the annual costume party with this year’s theme being “Bohemia”. Learners from grades 8-12 from all schools were invited and tickets were sold at a cost of R30 per person. The party goers were creative in their attire and wore bold and vibrant coloured clothing from floral shirts and dresses to flower crowns. The party had a lively and relaxed atmosphere with great live entertainment and dancing.
The grade 8 and 9 volunteers decorated the hall with wooden pallets and plants which contributed to the bohemian theme. Dreamcatchers were strategically placed with different coloured balloons and bunting across the stage. The tables were decorated with crisp white table clothes and lanterns and leaves served as table centerpieces.
The band performed a wide variety of songs ranging from today’s hits such as Talk by Khalid as well as throw backs such as Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston. The band also performed an original song called Bohemia. The singers from the band (Avery-Leigh Kayster, Musa Daweti and Siyavuya Mayake) were provided an opportunity to perfrom solo song pieces accompanied by Mr Maschaka on the keyboard. The crowd’s response was amazing with many dancing along. Ling Lii, a local dancer, and his crew performed a dance routine.
Apart from the live music and dance performance, a wide selection of music was played to cater for everyone’s needs. The crowd truly enjoyed the music selection and filled up the dance floor and danced the night away. Everyone had a great time. The refreshments on sale at the tuckshop was a welcoming thirst quencher after a session on the dance floor!
The costume party gave everyone a chance to meet new people and socialise with their friends. It also gave the band a chance to make their debut for the year.
A huge thank you to everyone who attended the event, the grade 11 and 12s of Cultural Board who chaperoned and helped in the tuckshop, the sound and technical crew, the Media team for the photos and coverage of the night, all the helpers who made this event possible, Mr Calitz, Mr Maschaka and the band for organising the event.

 September 05, 2019
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Kiara Brink

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