Creativity poetry workshop

BY Kay Van Niekerk

The Creativity Media Workshop was held by Olwethu Mxoli, a, poet and old Riebeek Old Girl (Class of 2013) on Thursday, 22 March 2018
Olwethu gave us a blank piece of paper and told us to draw something that described ourselves, most of us did not know what to draw, as we didn't know if it would be accurate or not, but one of her main rules were that no thinking is allowed so we drew what came to our minds. Olwethu made us write about our drawing and made us see that it was more than just a simple drawing. She made us see that each drawing has a story behind it. 
Olweto gave each of us odd objects such as old cell phones and hair rollers. We had to write about these objects, but none of us knew what to write about. Most girls had no clue what to say but at the end of it all everyone had something interesting to say about their object, the girls made their object come to life, which was really amazing. 
She also told us to combine our odd objects together and write a poem. The girls found this very difficult, because of the different objects we all had, but in the end we enjoyed it. Olwethu taught us that sometimes you will have to work with others that has a different perspective than you and it was really challenging but fun. Thank you to Mrs Gerber and those who organised, and thanks also to Olwethu Mxoli for hosting an amazing workshop. Thank you, Megan Potgieter, for the organising of this event.

 March 27, 2018
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