Stay Awake

BY Junior Head Girl

The 2016 Stay-Awake took place on the 25-26th of February. The theme for the evening was the “Wacky Woods Carnival.” The Grade 4s had a blast at their first Stay-Awake and so did the Grade 5s and 6s. With the Grade 7s and Mrs Woods having their last Stay-Awake, we all decided to make it memorable. The group that raised the most money was Group 16 with a total of R3 390! The two girls who raised the most money were Kiara and Tyler Brink, both raising an amount of R1 000. Aubrenia Booyen came in second place, raising R650. All the dances were amazing and it was quite difficult for the teachers to choose the best dance. In the end, in second place was a tie between Group 4 and 13.  The winning group of the night for the dances was Group 5. We had to make a poster with circus animals, a tent and a clown. In third place was group 15. In second place was Group 12 and in first place was Group 5. We were all very excited for the Midnight Feast. The girls couldn’t wait to eat their pizzas and burgers. The treasure hunt was so fun! The prefects were singing all different kinds of songs during the treasure hunt. It seems like we’ve clearly got very talented ladies at Riebeek College because my, oh, my, can they dance! It was very difficult to choose one winner  and in the end Erinn Kettledas was the winner. Ovayo Boyce had Miss Hattingh laughing when Miss Hattingh told her to wake up and she hid in a corner and fell asleep again! The walk we took around the school before it was time to go home was really refreshing. It was finally 07:00 and that meant that it was time for the last balloon to be popped. It was also the last time the Grade 7’s and Mrs Woods would be part of something as amazing as Stay-Awake. The last special balloon for the last special Stay-Awake with Mrs Woods. Just like that, it was over. All those wonderful moments are just memories now. Our last Stay-Awake opened our eyes and taught us something about life and that is that we should make the most of it while it lasts. I’m happy to say that we definitely did make the most of our last special Stay-Awake.

 March 04, 2016
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Junior Head Girl

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