club and sport fair

BY Jordan Oldham and Candice Rossouw

The annual Club and Sports Fair was held on 16 January. This fair gave the learners the opportunity to decide which extramural activities they would like to participate in, such as sports and clubs. This event aimed at getting learners involved in the cultural, service and sporting aspects of Riebeek.
In preparation for the fair, the clubs and sport teams had to put their decoration skills to the test and represent their respective club or sport. Heads of clubs and captains of sports set up their tables the afternoon before which as the first day of school. This shows dedication and deserves mention!
Riebeek has a vast variety of sports and clubs to choose from, therefore there is no doubt that it was difficult trying to choose between all of them!
Each club and sport had something to offer, whether it was finding your inner vivacious actress in the Drama Club or helping to make Riebeek a cleaner environment in Going Green. Before the learners have a chance to walk around to the various stalls and asks questions from the teacher in charge or head of club or a committee representative, there was an assembly.
The speakers spoke about how learners are able to form friendships with other learners outside of their realm and make memories throughout the journey of high school. This helps everyone to be a part of a team and contribute to making a difference at Riebeek. It is about discovering what team spirit is all about and experiencing it first-hand. Melody Jones spoke about Tennis, Keely-Ann Maritz spoke about Swimming, Brazil Killian spoke about Hockey and Amber Du Plessis spoke about Netball. They all included what team spirit is all about and how much memories can be made.
Romeasa Muhammad ended off with our general rules regarding extra murals to avoid any kind of inconvenience for teachers in charge and the rest of the group when a learner cannot make it to a meeting or practice. The correct uniform and procedures for each sport. Azraa Rockman shared about the importance of taking part in extra murals and how it can help us in the future.
The Club and Sports Fair was a great success with many girls eager to participate in life at Riebeek. The hall was fully packed as learners went to each table to sign up and hear what each sport and club had to offer. A huge thanks goes to Alexandra Dennis for being in charge and creating an awesome Club and Sports fair. Her words of encouragement were, “At Riebeek, we value academics as well as after school activities. The Sports and Society Fair is an annual event where every high school learner can find an extra mural that they can become actively involved in. We are privileged to have such a large variety of committees and sports at our school! From my experience, I can say that getting involved AFTER 14:00 has made my high school career memorable. The moments shared and friendships formed in my respective committees have allowed me to become a stronger person and more organised student.”
The girls in charge were complimented on their efforts in the Cultural Board meeting on Thursday afternoon where the Board met to discuss the clubs and committees – this is a quarterly meeting. Thank you to the members of clubs and sports who helped to decorate the tables and for representing their respective clubs and sports so immaculately, as well as to the teachers involved. We appreciate their support at the stalls helping the club members answering questions from eager joiners.
Always remember, team work makes the dream work

 January 19, 2020
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