Grade 4 Welcome

BY Jessica Schoeman

“I saw a clue!” “Where?” “There!”, were common shouts to be heard at this year’s Grade 4 Welcome as the adorable Grade 4s eagerly ran around the school looking for clues hidden by the senior and junior prefects.
After changing into PT clothes and making their way up to the student centre, the Grade 4s were full of energy and put a smile on everybody’s faces as they put their stuff down and eagerly awaited to see what they would be doing.
As an activity for the Grade 4 welcome, a treasure hunt was organised by Senior Deputy Head Girl, Loren Campbell. Each senior prefect was given a clue, which they had to hide around the school and then they themselves had to hide in a different area around the school. In this way, as well as being a fun and enjoyable activity, it was educational at the same time, as the babies of the school learnt their way around Riebeek. Each senior prefect was accompanied by a junior prefect, and together they did an activity which labelled them as “the most wanted” – the activity was to act out something that you were not allowed to do and the Grade 4s would have to identify the “crime” being committed, ensuring that they would learn the school’s code of conduct at the same time as hunting the prefects down. It was absolutely adorable to see the Grade 4s race up to a prefect at high speed and then contemplate (with much concentration on their faces) on what “crime” had been committed. Once identified, they would write down the Prefects name and what they had done wrong on their answer sheet, which also contained answers to the various clues hidden around the school. Crimes committed included incorrect hair styles, wearing jewellery with the school uniform and uniform abnormalities. It is with great pride that I may say that the Grade 4s are already impressing with their knowledge of the school rules.
The Grade 4s truly embody the 2017 Riebeek motto: Respect. They respected both the senior and junior prefects, as they politely asked for their names, they respected the environment by picking up any papers and food packets along their quest to find clues and they respected each other as they worked together brilliantly and truly lived out TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. The future of Riebeek College surely is looking bright.
At the end of the afternoon, there were some sad faces that the day had come to an end but all were extremely grateful for the treasure hunt and went around thanking and hugging the prefects. Special thanks to Loren Campbell, the senior and junior prefects, Mrs Skeates and Mrs Viljoen for a wonderful afternoon that will forever hold a special place in the hearts of the Grade 4s.

 January 22, 2017
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Jessica Schoeman

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